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My tablet pen broke as it heroically jumped in the way of an 18 Wheeler attempting to crush a butterfly.

Tragically neither of them made it.
Warnings. WORDS. :D


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Fear me. ,3.

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…blarg blah blah blarg.

I would like to blame Destiny for ruining my weekend.
As in I spent my entire time over the weekend playing it until I explored every feasible location I could think of that it allowed me to explore…

…annnnd I also played some Splinter Cell – Blacklist.

Either way, COMIC; and its updated BEFORE A MONTH. :D
Ten points for the first one to get the reference. :V

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First and foremost, my personal opinion does not mean everyone on this site, or its affiliates share it.
But after hearing people weigh in on the whole Sonic BOOM and seeing people either praising or demanding heads on a stick; I decided it was time to pass on a fair warning to the publisher who has found themselves in the steely gaze of the Sonic Community.
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In Black and White.


It also dawned on me that I did not post an update the last time I did post an update.  So here is a link for the update of that update in this update.
Do you like updates with your updates? GOOD NE-*wrenched*

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Okay, I’m a little late… for reasons, blame lack of script, laziness, work etc, prefer idly all of them at the same time, but never the less I have the comic up on the right day… now next weeks is going to be a challenge…


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A quick message about Summer of Sonic, please read it here.

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Another week on time, okay I know for a fact this will not continue, (work thing coming up soon, then summer holiday… after that it’s me being lazy again). In the meantime enjoy punctilio comics.


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Hmm I seem to have come back to form with this plot line, I will admit it’s nice to have a path to follow or panic every week trying to come up with a script the question is will I stick to script?


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Another week and another comic has rolled around, honestly I am wondering where even I am going with this, I kid I have a rough plan, somewhere… ohhh distraction… I mean comic!



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