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Is it 100 issues already? I need to get out more.


Is it true? Is it fake? Were these last few issues an elaborate set-up for a poorly timed April fools joke? Come back next week and find out!

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With the combination of my job (19 days before I get 2 off) and my video game addiction (Final Fantasy then Assassins Creed 3-4 then Batman Origins then Secret World then Ghost Recon Phantoms then alskdffg4345 *overdoses* .w. ) and THEN writing in my SECOND book, I have been slacking off hardcore with the comic and I r sorry.

However I r doing things again.  I am trying to build up steam and get things moving as you can see here.


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Well I managed to find the time to do this comic this week, lot’s of new sprites this week, and a new background as well. Knuckles May not be as big as he is in Boom, but to be honest he looks about ready to fall over under his own weight of muscle in Boom. For now enjoy comic!


Oh as a note… issue 99, have I been at it that long again already?

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Huh that’s actually a pretty good title pity I wasted it on this, I’m afraid I haven’t been able to put aside enough time to put together the next comic, to be fair it involves a few new sprites, still that’s no excuse hopefully I’ll be able to pull it together before next week.

For now rest assured, Emerald Coast has not been sold to King, and I have not been reclassified a class A drug, despite that sounding pretty sweet.

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I have no words.

Just linkage.

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The plot continues, with a new twist, not to worry though I have a plan… and I am not just saying that just to keep people from asking, I do actually have a plan with scripts written already, what is wrong with me. Anyway, Sonic and Tails go for a walk, enjoy!


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As I move further into this I seem to be developing more of an idea of what the characters are like in this situation… today it seems Knuckles is quiet different, anyway have some funnies rather than me waffling.


I also admit I may have cheated a little with today’s comic… what can I say I wrote this two hours ago, that’s not enough to sprite Knux from scratch.

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I really wish I could churn these out a little faster, especially since I now have a rough script in my head but alas it takes time to sprite and life keeps stealing my time, anyway I should stop wasting time complaining and give you a comic, enjoy!


Hmm, issue 100 is coming up, I should plan something for that.

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Okay I apologies for the delay of a week but I wanted to get all my ducks in the row for this, namely do some new sprites that may or may not have been influenced by Sonic Boom… okay yes they were, but they fit the situation… now on with the show!

Tempus Fugit 2

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SEGA have gone and put up a video explaining a bit more about the ideas of the new Sonic Boom game and TV show, including interviews with the game developers and TV show runner you start to clearer idea of what they are trying to do…

… and I know I’m probably going to get flamed for saying this but I like it.

As an extra side note, no comic tomorrow, it’s taking longer than I thought to develop the sprites… for once the script isn’t the problem!


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