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…a truck driver, was fired from his job quite recently, the reasons he was terminated from his position can be found in today’s strip.

In detail, he had missed his turn at a Y intersection, having gone left instead of right.  He attempted to correct his mistake by hanging a right on an access road that would connect him with the road he NEEDED to be on.  At the end of the access road, he proceeded to turn left on the road…and became hung up on something, it was’t a ditch or an embankment, he just didn’t know what to call it.  He called it in, let his dispatcher know and followed procedure put in place for when things like this happened.  Keep in mind that this happened in area of Laredo Texas, United States.

Someone in Omaha, Nebraska, United States…which is due north of Texas by a few states over, ‘investigated’ the incident by reviewing a map of the area, and deemed that my friend had preformed an illegal ‘U’ turn, and terminated his employment.

Moral of the story? Stupid people work in Trucking Companies, just like anywhere else. :V

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