Emerald Coast was started way back in 2005 with a few sprite comics I had the ideas for in a boring maths lecture, since then it has gone from strength to strength with the addition of other comics like Dark Light comics and Dreams to Nightmare.

Without Emerald Coast I would not be where I am today and so now it seems fitting to expand Emerald Coast into new unexplored areas, as well as continuing the quality service people have come to expect. To that end I have laid down a new version of the Emerald Coast charter which hopefully will explain a little better about what I want to do.

Emerald Coast Charter

I, Phil ‘Vger’ Sims, being of fairly sound mind and judgement do here by lay out the charter for Emerald Coast (http://www.emeraldcoast.co.uk) which I will carry out to the fullest extent of my abilities.

1. Emerald Coast shall provide a regular update in the form of a high quality comic at least once a week, (at the time of writing being Just in Time).

2. Emerald Coast will encourage and celebrate all aspects of the Sonic community, through various means, with the intention of understanding and strengthening the community.

3. Emerald Coast will endeavor to provide an enriching experience where people can learn about Sonic and the Sonic community.

4. There will be only two breaks in updates lasting more than a week during the year, one being during the summer (summer holiday or other occasion) and one during Christmas (which will extend from before Christmas until just after new year).

Right that’s it, I know this all sounds a bit cheesy but I will follow this charter the best I can, and who knows I may even add to it later.


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