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Cept Maybe some DnD. :V

What do you think about the Dark Souls Series as a Whole?

-Do you prefer to take out your enemies from range to show you really could care less or close up a personal?

-Jerry, what is your favorite passtime?

Jerry, what do you think of Lighthouses?

To elaborate ComciCommentor; someone requested a ‘Jerry’ in a Dungeons and Dragon’s Game.  Trying to keep to the tone of the Fan-Fiction he originally starred in, I made a full-on clone, complete with all of his little disorders.  We haven’t played for awhile (one of the people has no interwebs! D: ) and the list is currently OLD (Jeri is Level 12 if I remember right) but essentially, this is what ‘Jeri’ has been up too.

(UPDATED 3.26.17)
Jeri Voxholm.
A Lawful Evil Champion, lvl 10.

Through Jeri’s strange travels from Calabria (Iron Claw) to Faerun (DnD) and back again, this violent fighter has slain foes with…

* A Flintlock (Several times)
* A Falchion (several times).
* A Hand Axe (That was thrown at him).
* A Greatsword of Maiming (Like, a lot.)
* A Smith’s Forge (held someone down in the Kelm).
* A Throwing Knife, in Melee.
* His bare fists vs a Fire Elemental Hybrid.
* A pile of flaming beds (pushed a guy into them)
* Bad Rolls in a Crowd. (as in he couldn’t hit the Cultist he was after, instead kept hitting the Cultists around them both,)
* A Chain Lighting Spell being cast against HIM (he still got hit.)
* The Floor (scooped up a Skeleton by its ankles.)
* A Throwable Flask of Alchemist’s Fire, in melee (shoved it into a wound)
* Trying to be annoying during a demonic ritual and accidentally draws a holy circle with a holy sword.

Jeri has also caused a Death Knight to scream in Agony, is Personally Responsible for the Death of for nearly 500 Cultists, and tortured a Necromancer to death; twice.

I am also obligated to tell you that before every idiotic, suicidal charge he somehow survives, I am forced to roll a dice to see if he does it, because I’m not stupid enough to try and fight a Fire Elemental Hybrid barehanded…

…Jeri on the other hand… >_>

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March 6, 2018 at 3:50 pm

Well um judging from the (mad) laughing he at least had fun I think, that…that’s nice to know XD.

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