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Sonic costumes seem to be all the rage these days, you can’t walk two meters on ebay without stumbling across one (metaphorically speaking), and it seems that Amazon has got in on this action or at least an Amazon seller has, now behold the horror of the Adult Sonic the Hedgehog Fancy Dress costume!

Available now for the low low price of £49.98, hurry before they sell out! But wait in true Emerald Coast tradition, there’s more horrors that await you after the jump button, so read on if you dare!

Sometimes an adult costume isn’t enough, or to be more precise it’s too much especially for the younger Sonic fans among us, so I present to you the Sonic the Hedgehog Children’s costume, yours not for only £39.99. That’s cheaper than Sonic the Cat by a large margin!

See perfect for the little ankle bitters? Both of these ‘marvellous’ costumes were manufactured by Jokingaround Fancy Dress, have a look at there other products doubtless to hold more horrors on the universe! Hmm I wonder if SEGA knows about this?

Actually this has got me thinking, a dangerous thing I know but bare with me for a second, I seem to have been stumbling across a few of interesting Sonic costumes recently, but I must only be scratching the surface. There’s so much more out there that even I in my near omnipotent state can not keep track of, so if you happen to stumble across a Sonic related costume or cos-player out on your travels don’t hesitate to send links or pictures to me at vger.ec[@]googlemail.com and I’ll try not to ridicule them… too much. *insert evil laugh here*

Disclaimer: In no way shape or form does Emerald Coast endorse the products shown on this page, quiet the opposite in fact.

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