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There has been an avalanche of news articles for the mouthful that is Sonic and SEGA All-stars Racing this week, with reveals, denials, more reveals and then retractions of said reveals. This may have left some people wondering what’s up from from down, so it falls to Emerald Coast the last bastion of reliability to cut away the lies and reveal what’s true, what’s false and what’s rumour, at least for now. Read on for the full article.

What’s True?

Mii support has been confirmed this week for the Wii version with the release of several screen shots showing A mii in a similar car to the Xbox 360 Avatar one (except looking crappier in standard definition and low graphics). Another screen shot shows what appears to be the Allstar move which appears to be also similar to the xbox 360 Avatar system.

There will be a special wii wheel available in certain territories, and the possibility of other bundles in other territories.

SEGA have started there merch production with a rather handy keep out door hanger, now where can I get one that says Keep Out: Mad scientist at work?

The DS version will support the DS rumble pack, huh I’ll be honest I didn’t know this existed until this morning.

What’s False?

There is sadly no gamecube controller support for the wii edition.

There is no customisable vehicle options in any version, due because, and I quote here, ”…it’d take us another two years to add it!” I think that’s a reasonable enough answer.

The DS version only supports 4 player multiplayer, not the 6 quoted earlier in the week.

What’s Rumour?

I’m tempted to say this has been confirmed as the ESRB rating board isn’t prone to fibs, there far too serious for that, anyway we still haven’t had it confirmed formally so Ulala from Space Channel 5 being included is still just rumour, but expect it to be confirmed shortly.

European release date of the 26th of February, which is about when I’d expect it to be, and these shops are generally known for getting these things right.

And finally to round off, NiGHT’S still hasn’t been confirmed… or denied.

That’s about it for now, I think, if you find anything that you think I’ve missed don’t hesitate to complain with an email to vger.ec[@]googlemail.com oh and for those interested have a developers diary as well which promises juicy tit bits… in it’s next update…

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