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. . . Oh what the f-?

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Did someone ask for more? :V

Panel 40 in what I am calling ‘Rap Battle.’¬† Nowhere near done, adding more panels and a bit more ‘animation’ in the animation.

I am still doing the thing! .3.

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I have just been really tired.  My sleep schedule has thrown me for a loop.  Every time I sit down to do a comic I nod off or get distracted by other projects that have been dragging their fingers across my scalp.

I’m actually plotting something nightmarishly complicated for it.¬† Stay tuned, I’ve not abandoned it.¬† I actually sat down tonight to start doing things and the damned pen was dead.¬† You guys will have something next week.

Something special. Ish.


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Number 2 GOES HERE

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This is YOUR fault CommicCommentor! YOOOOOOUUUURRRz

There was going to be a Second Comic, I got the entire 30 (25) planned out.  I got distracted by shiny. o3o

The same shiny that had me distracted last week. >w>

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I know, no apologies nor excuses. I will give my reasons next week.  Just expect one (maybe two) up next week.


comiccommenter XD I love how Jerry is getting supervised. Like he is to dangerous to leave alone for long XP.

You can expect the next comic(s) to address this. :V

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I DID THE THING. And now I am going to sleep! o3o

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Sorry for the late update on the lack of update, I am working on it.¬† Draft is done for Commiccommentor’s Question (Super non-spoiler, Tessa will be answering¬†it! .3. I am trying to draw her more so I can include her and others in future comics, also makes me do the copy-pasty bit less), just the tablet pen died and cause I work nights, I partially fell asleep gaming Monday while waiting for it to charge.¬† Today I had an alarm set and I slept through it, I am sorry! D:

When I get home Wednesday I will have the comic up before I sleep!

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