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So I return, this time without me having to send a .txt file to Vger and waiting him to upload it and all, although sadly he still needs to approve it, so no random spontaneous posts.

So I’m here to shed some light on two things. First of all, both me and Vger in real life, love ArchangelUK to bits, though probably not as much as his probable wife to be slash traitor, hence the recent… love he’s been getting from Vger. My comic was made pretty much from his idea, so I suppose half the credit goes to him.

Second of all, the proper start of Dark Light comics won’t be until sometime in Feb, two reasons for this, 1st they take a while to do for various reasons, 2nd, I’m lazy and have Uni work and a job.

But I’ll be posting my two cents every so often, sometimes giving you guys a little sneak peak into the minds behind the games, but don’t expect more than one a year.

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