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Okay I’m really starting to the piss with using this to delay the next Just in Time, but you guys are loving it so here’s chapter three of Ian Robb’s Back to Reality.

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Chapter Three – Beginner’s Luck

“Man, I love the time after school!” Tristan-Andy said, scoffing a plate of cakes

“Why?” Vger asked in a flat tone, his head flat on the table in front of him

“Because cupcakes give me super strength!” the fox said cheerily

“…Am I dead yet?” Vger said morbidly

“No – believe me, you’d notice it by now” Urtheart’s voice echoed through his head

“I’m not in the mood, Urth…” Vger thought back, having discovered that his thoughts could be read by Urtheart and vice versa. Suffice to say, he had to keep his mind from wandering away with himself.

“Hey Yugi – isn’t that the kid that hands around your grandpa’s shop?” Joey-Spin pointed out at a young fox with grey fur. She was holding what looked like a blue hedgehog plushie in her arms and looked as though she was actively seeking someone out

“Huh?” Vger muttered, raising his head up wearily

“Yeah – Rebecca, I think she’s called” Tristan-Andy said through cupcake crumbs

“I thought it was Vulpa…” Vger said “Though in this world, anything’s possible” The young fox slowly strode towards the trio, her eyes fixed on Vger

“Um…Are you Mr Moto?” she asked timidly

“Yes…” Vger said flatly

“Um…Well – I want to challenge you to a duel!” the vixen said with a sudden burst of courage

“Hey kid – this here is one of the best duellists around” Joey-Spin said “Why do you want to challenge him?”

“For my grandpa’s honour!” Rebecca-Vulpa said “That, and my plushie said so…”

“Your plushie?” Vger asked, looking at the hedgehog doll “Aww – that’s looks so cute”

“Your mother plays card games in hell!” the doll suddenly exclaimed, causing Vger to recoil back suddenly

“What the hell just happened?!” Vger exclaimed “Please tell me the doll spoke!”

“The doll spoke…” Urtheart replied flatly “Eerily similar to something, but still, it spoke”

“So – do you wanna duel?” the vixen asked

“Duel, or your soul is my dishcloth!” the doll added

“O-Okay…” Vger stuttered, not knowing what he had let himself into

“So – you understand the rules?” Rebecca-Vulpa asked

“Of course not!” Vger yelled “It’s a children’s card game I never play! How the bloody hell am I supposed to win a bloody game I don’t bloody know how to win?!”

“Oh, well it’s simple” the vixen replied “You start off with 5 cards…”

“These rules make no sense…” Vger muttered as Rebecca-Vulpa rattled off rule after rule

“At least the game’s giving us a chance to win…” Urtheart replied “So you need to have monsters of equal star points to summon larger ones…”

“You understand this crap?”

“Someone has to”

“I’m so screwed…” Vger sagged, as Rebecca-Vulpa finished off the rules

“So – you ready?” the vixen asked

“Um…Just a second!” Vger replied, ducking out of sight before whispering to Urtheart “Help! Me!”

“Oh, alright then” Urtheart sighed, before a flash of dark light enveloped the fox. When it died away, it revealed the demon Urtheart in place of Vger

“Hey – it’s nice and roomy in here!” Vger exclaimed in thought, now taking Urtheart’s place as a spirit “And they’ve got free Port in here too!”

“Don’t get drunk in your – mine – our head” Urtheart warned “You still need to be sober to continue playing your role” Then, straightening out his jacket, Urtheart stood up, ready to duel.

“Hey…You look different” Rebecca-Vulpa commented

“It’s your imagination” Urtheart replied


“It’s…the sun’s shadow” Urtheart said “Now – ready to duel?”



July 27, 2011 at 11:16 am

I always wondered why nobody in the actual show noticed how Yugi looked totally different after switching places with Yami-Yugi. >.>

Ein Eagle Vanato

July 27, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Silly Urtheart, you knowz vger won’t stay sober if there is free port about XD


July 28, 2011 at 12:37 am

Vger? Sober?!



August 8, 2011 at 1:41 pm


Also Urth vs Vulpa (Rebecca), this sounds like it’s going to be a epic battle. 😀

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