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Okay I know I’m a little late today, but moving yesterday and unpacking today, I’ve been a little busy, so may I present to you
chapter 5 of Back to Reality… after the jump.

Chapter Five – Of Dice and Duellists

“So, what now?” Vger asked his group as they walked aimlessly through the city, unsure what to do now

“I suggest dropping Rebecca back home” Joey-Spin suggested as the grey vixen slowly walked behind the group, obviously very tired from the day’s events

“Good idea” Vger nodded “Perhaps it’ll be a good way to find out what to do next”

“Hey – is that someone over there?” Tristan-Andy pointed out as a young man of the same age scurried towards them. He wore what looked like a blue and white striped shirt with dragon motifs on with blue jeans and a grey bandana over his messy white hair.

“Hey! Bakura!” Joey-Spin called out

“Oh boy…Why did I think Blake would be Bakura in this universe?” Vger muttered to himself

“Well, at least you’re adapting to your new environment” Urtheart replied

“Adapting? I’m not adapting – I’m just desperate for this damn thing to be over”

“Why? You wanted to do this”

“It’s not that – I kinda want to use the bathroom…Not in reality, just in the game”

“Oh for…” Urtheart muttered, giving a mental face palm for the idiocy of the statement “Just find out what he wants”

“Got it” Vger replied, before saying to the human “Hey – you okay?”

“Oh, thank goodness you’re here” the posh British voice of Bakura-Blake replied “You have to help me”

“Why? What’s the problem?” Tristan-Andy asked

“There’s a duellist over there, challenging people to a random game that no one knows how to play. If you win, you get his custom cards. If you lose, he takes something special – and that bastard took my Millennium Ring”

“Wait – you played against his moron?” Vger asked “Why?”

“He offered me a cup of tea…” Bakura-Blake replied, a little forlorn and embarrassed

“Well then – we’ve gotta go help Bakura!” Tristan-Andy exclaimed

“…Can I go home now?” Rebecca-Vulpa moaned

“Not yet – we’ve got a foe to vanquish!” Joey-Spin exclaimed “You stay here Bakura – we’ll be right back!”

“Oh joy…” Vger moaned “Can I hope that they have something to drink this time?”

“What the hell is that?” Vger exclaimed as a large playing arena loomed into view.

“It’s a new Kaiba-Corp VR playing arena” Joey-Spin replied

“See – THIS is how you do a VR arena” Urtheart snarked

“Shut. Up” Vger muttered through gritted fangs

“Hey – look at all these cheerleaders!” Tristan-Andy exclaimed as the quartet approached a mysterious figure in a chair, surrounded by females in differing cheerleading outfits “This guy must be really popular”

“Ah, new challengers?” the figure asked, a sound system playing dance music by his feet

“You there – what is your purpose for your random duelling?” Vger exclaimed

“My purpose?” the figure said jovially “Girls, explain.” At those words, the cheerleaders stood in a row, each one brandishing pompoms. As Vger looked on, he noticed small differences in them – one wore an entirely white ensemble, another had vivid pink hair, a third wore what looked like a scientist’s lab coat and, he could swear, a purple dragon with a large book under her talons.

“Duke, Duke, He’s our guy! He wins duels and he’s real fly!” the girls chanted “He’s brought SexyBack to your dull lives! Fear his dice or end like flies! Gooooooo DUKE!” With those last words, fireworks behind the man’s chair were set off as he stood up to fully reveal his face. Scruffy black hair hung over a green visor on his head and dice-shaped ear-rings. A long black leather jacket was worn over a fashionable duellist waistcoat and trousers, and finally a small pearl medallion hung around his neck

“Bloody hell…” Vger cursed “T.A’s Duke Devlin? HIM?!”

“Well…You gotta admit there are some bugs in your system…” Urtheart replied “And I think this is one of them”

“No – really?!” Vger exclaimed as Duke-T.A approached the group

“So, what brings you over here?” the duellist asked, moving a die through his fingers elegantly

“We’re here to challenge you and take your items that you stole from people!” Tristan-Andy exclaimed

“Stole?” Duke-T.A laughed “I didn’t steal anything, expert perhaps hearts” As if by command, the cheerleaders sighed in unison

“Pass me a sick bucket” the orange-furred fox muttered

“But we hard that you duel people for items” Joey-Spin asked

“Oh, I do – I offer a challenge. If they win, they win my prized items. If they lose…Well, you’ll find out”

“Is that what happened with Bakura?”

“Whiny British kid? White hair? Looks like a girl with that hair band?”

“It’s a bandana!” a voice yelled out seemingly out of nowhere

“What the hell was that?” Vger exclaimed

“Don’t look at me” Duke-T.A replied “It’s not part of my set-up…”

“Anyway, this is getting nowhere” Joey-Spin yelled “We challenge you to your duel challenge. And by we, I mean Yugi”

“Oh boy…I can hardly contain my excitement…” Vger sighed “Anyone knows where there’s a cliff to jump off from?”


Ein Eagle Vanato

August 11, 2011 at 12:44 am

‘…..one wore an entirely white ensemble…..’ Wait a minute *looks at own outfit* OH GAWD NO T.A Black! you so did not just make me a cheerleader XDDDDD

Ein Eagle Vanato

August 11, 2011 at 12:52 am

Wait, scratch that, Ram has just told me it isn’t me XDDDD

Yeah, move along folks, ignore the crazy eagle over here XD

T.A Black

August 11, 2011 at 6:29 am

@ EEV: That was purely a coincidence! It’s actually supposed to be a character from one of my stories (random cross referencing – woo!).

Still, glad you’re enjoying it – hope you enjoy the rest of it.


August 12, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Huh, why does Vger want to use the bathroom? o.o


August 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

T.A as Duke Devlin, well we know that T.A is most definitely bringing sexy back lol. XD

Another good chapter there sir, roll on the next one. 😀

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