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I’s been a week or two since the last chapter so I thought it might be an idea to put up the next part, as it certainly entertains, enjoy! Once again a massive shout out to Ian Robb for writing this awesomely epic yarn.

Chapter Six – Dice Games

“So, you all set?” Duke-T.A asked, his collection of cheerleaders flanking him

“…Don’t I get hot babes?” Vger asked

“With bewbs?” Urtheart added

“Peh, as if” the girl dressed in white mocked “Duke Devlin is the most attractive person here”

“You’re out of your league” the small dragon said

“You haven’t got a change to get anyone” the pink-haired cheerleader added

“You’re just a bland talentless teen” the one with the lab coat continued

“Way to boost my confidence there…” Vger sighed

“They’ve got a point” Urtheart replied. Vger growled lowly, before grabbing the Millennium Puzzle, surrounding him in black light. Then, once again, Urtheart stood in Vger’s place, a look of displeasure on his face

“There – now YOU get the insults” Vger mocked inside Urtheart’s head “Aha! Here’s my port again!”

“Oh joy…” Urtheart muttered, very obviously displeased with the situation he was in “So then – what’s the challenge?”

“Well, you know about Duel Monsters, the card game?” Duke-T.A asked

“Indeed – what of it?”

“Well, there’s a new game in town devised by me – Dungeon Dice” the duellist explained “It’s a completely new way to play games”

“I see…How do you play?”

“You each have a bunch of dice – you use there to try and destroy your opponent’s hearts. When they’re gone, you lose. Powerful monsters need a sacrifice to summon. Any further questions?”

“…Is this a complete rip off of Duel Monsters, but with Dungeons and Dragon stuff?” Urtheart queried

“…Shut up” Duke-T.A pouted

“Hey – you make Dukey upset!” the pink haired girl said “I don’t like people upsetting my Dukey”

Your Dukey?” the girl dressed in white replied “He’s MY Dukey”

“Nu-huh” the one in the lab coat added in “He’s mine!”

“Yeah, you and your flat chest” the dragon mocked “I’m much more glamorous”

“For a scaly lizard yeah – but Dukey needs a real woman” the pink-haired cheerleader said

“Which isn’t you” the white-clothed female mocked

“You come here and say that!” the first female said, leaping onto the other one to fight. The other cheerleaders followed suit, resulting in a large collection of females fighting on the floor beside the Dungeon Dice arena

“Shouldn’t someone break it up?” Rebecca-Vulpa asked

“Wha?” Tristan-Andy asked, seemingly mesmerised by the fight

“Huh?” Joey-Spin said, he too in a similar trance

“Is that normal?” Urtheart asked

“Yeah, it is” Duke-T.A replied, before a flying pom-pom hit him in the face “At least it’s not clothing this time…Anyway – time to duel!”

“Piece of cake” Urtheart smirked, his arms folded smartly

“B…But this isn’t possible!” Duke-T.A exclaimed “How can my dice roll bum vales for 15 straight times?!”

“Face it – you lost” Urtheart replied “And it looks like your cheerleaders did too” He pointed over to the bruised and scratched group of females, some with ripped uniforms, others with black eyes and, oddly enough given the time frame, the dragon cheerleader in a full body cast

“Well – I’m a man of my word then” Duke-T.A replied “You can have my most prized possession – this” He stuck out his hand to reveal…

“A coin? A sodding coin?” Urtheart cursed “Can’t I have your equipment? Your dice? Can I at least take one of your cheerleaders with me?”

“Ah, but this coin granted me good luck for many years – I always said if I lost a match, I would give it to the person most deserving of it”

“…Keep it – I don’t need any luck” Urtheart replied “What I will take is the Millennium Ring – the one you took from Blake – I mean Bakura”

“Take? I don’t take things” Duke-T.A replied, seemingly hurt by the accusation


“I give losers a free die to practise with”

“What? Why?”

“Because otherwise they can’t really practice Dungeon Dice now, can they? Though why they always refuse, I don’t know…”

“Gee, I wonder why…” Urtheart said sarcastically “So…You’re NOT stealing items?”

“Nope” Duke-T.A replied

“Back to where we started…” Vger’s voice echoed around Urtheart’s head “Now what?”

“Well – I guess we just try duelling around for a bit longer”

“With THESE cretins?” Vger yelled, as Urtheart looked on at the small crew they had amassed. Rebecca-Vulpa was slumped in a corner, snoozing in a deep sleep. Joey-Spin and Tristan-Andy were however dazed, due to the random cheerleader fight occurring in front of them “Seriously, if I can dump these losers, I’ll be ecstatic”

“But that’s not the-”

“I don’t care!” Vger yelled, deafening Urtheart “I’m tired, hungry and wanna go home to my museum of wrenches…”

“Okay, okay…” Urtheart muttered, before saying to Duke-T.A “Sorry, but we’ve gotta go”


“I have no idea”

“…Can I come with you?”

“I’d say yes, but-”

“Cool – I’ll grab my gear” Duke-T.A smiled, grabbing his deck of cards, a lot of dice and his sound system “You’ll never regret it”

“Oh thanks Urth” Vger scolded “We’ve got another loony with us”

“Hey – can I bring a cheerleader? Or ten?”

“A definite loony…Seriously, toss me over a ledge, I’m done with this…”

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“So it’s just like Duel Monsters?”

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