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Someone asked what sort of Dad I modeled Jerry to be.

My reply?  The Best Kind.

So; I’ve been away for awhile.  I sowwie. 🙁
Attempting to get back in the swing of doing comics; however while I was down I finished my Third Book to the Shadow of Westwatch series; the Third MARS4 (which I have been told I was a son of a female dog by a reader; it kinda goes a tad dark); as well as a Science Fiction called Alliance Marshal Service : The Moscow.

I also scavenge some notes and advance chapters to the Bottom of the Barrel, and I will be poking at that again; however inspiration struck me and I’ve got even MORE to write in MARS4’s new little Universe.

Either case; I will be doing Comics every Monday (since I am off).  I would have had something up last week but Windows 10 and my Huion are having issues.

And how bout them Sonic Runner’s Yall? :V


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