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Well it’s the last community spotlight for Season 1 from Titanscreed, and once again it’s a chat with some of the people that work behind the scenes at SoS this time we take a look at what the future may hold.

Well that rounds that up, hope to see lot’s of people at Summer of Sonic very soon!

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Another day and we have part 2 of the Summer of Sonic community spotlight, this time Titanscreed asks about the guests and events that have happened around SoS.

Third and final part coming to you very soon.

Oh and a happy Independence day to our American cousins.

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Well Summer of Sonic is just coming up this Saturday, and of course once again EC will be representing, although some of us may be jet lagged. Now to wet your appetites Titanscreed has done a community spotlight with some of the staff to discuss the some of the history and there most memorable moments.

…part 2 coming sooner than you think!

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Okay I’m a little behind schedule on this for which I apologise, but my mind has been elsewhere.

This weeks community spotlight is none other than John Finely the ‘loveable’ Scottish fan who has run Turbo Drive live for god knows how long now… lets just say since time began. So have a listen below.

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During this years Summer of Sonic, Lewis of SEGA Driven and I were given the opportunity to interview the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog Yuji Naka, and the current head of Sonic team Takashi Iizuka.

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