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I liiivvvvveeeeeee, no ValorB hasn’t secretly had me killed and taken over the website to spam his stories… which you should all read by the way! Work unfortunately takes most of my energy nowadays hence the quietness from me.

Anyway what has drawn me out of hiding (aka drunken stupor), well I heard this awesome remix for Sonic 3… and then thought… wait i can promote this… so have some music from Tee Lopes, oh and yes he has done an Ice Cap remix, and it is good.

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Well SAGE has been and gone for this year… wait what the heck is SAGE? SAGE for the for those that don’t know is the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo where fans show off there fan game creations (or a book keeping software, don’t ask how I know that). Most of the time these expos can consist of some truly innovative and entertaining ideas for games to some awful pieces of s**t that should never see the light of day, ( I’m afraid the latter is true more than the former). Anyway I’m getting side tracked (that may be Port related) SEGA Driven esteemed collogue in the Sonic community and affiliate of Emerald Coast has put together a video showing off some of the best of this years SAGE so watch it… NOW!

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Hey guys it’s been a little quiet round here of late from me, I’m looking to get back to work on the site a bit more hopefully soon, anyway in the meantime let me tell you lot about something coming up in London next weekend.

The first London Gaming Con takes place next weekend (3rd – 4th December) and it promises to be an event to remember, not just for gaming fans but Sonic fans especially. With bands, parties and guests in addition to tournaments galore there will be plenty to do.

What’s even better is on the Sunday it’s party time for Sonic as his 20th birthday is celebrated until the early hours of the morning, including the highlights:

– Sonic Blindfolded (All day)
– The Team Sonic v Mario Showdown! (Afternoon)
– Sonic v Mario Cosplay Contest! (Afternoon)
– Sonic Pub Quiz (Afternoon)
– Zonic Live-Singing (Afternoon)
– Sonic Evening Party with SonicStadium (7pm to 10pm)
– Club SEGA Party bought to you by RadioSEGA (10pm to midnight)
– Sonic Generations Speed-Run Contests (All day)
– Sonic 2 MD Speed-Run Contest (All day)
– Possible Sonic-Screenings (Fingers crossed!)
– More to come as we get it confirmed. Stay tuned!

So yeah looks like a pretty good set-up, if you can get yourself to London I’d say it’s worth going to, click here for more information.

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As some of you may know the Tokyo Game Show has just finished up, and SEGA being SEGA had a live performance from Jun Senoue. Now Jun has just posted up this amazing music video showing off three melody’s from the Sonic Generations, including Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill and Rooftop Run.

Plus in the background we get a better look at some of the levels from Generations. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to drool at this a couple more times.

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So T.A. Black did something a bit different, and yet still awesome. T.A. was the first to get his entry in (VERY early) but gave us huge entertainment with his novel, and yes I am happy to call it that because it is massive! Yet you’ll be riveted all the way. Since it is not a comic all you have to do is hit the jump button to read the entire thing.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy your booty bewby prize!

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There are a fair few games out there which are brilliant, just never got the attention they deserved, either because they were on a console no one liked, too late in the consoles life cycle or in this case far too far ahead of its time.

So what is this game? Well while Mario and Sonic duked it out on the consoles this little gem was made as a rival for the other gaming format, the PC. Of course since most of the popular PC games had shooting in them (Doom) we couldn’t very well negelct that audience. Guess what? It worked brilliantly.

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So what’s this all aboot? This isn’t Sonic!

Well no but then if you only lived off Sonic the Hedgehog games you’d be missing some true gems out there. So here is a new little section I’m setting up in order to help you guys sift through the rubbish that gets released and find something more a kin to your personal taste.

If you just want the recommendations and places to buy from, hit the jump button and scroll down to the bottom.

This week we are taking a look at something I was introduced to by lovely young lass called Speedla whom has guested here in this comic.
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