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The Sonic Riders series has baffled me, the first game was terrible and then they brought out Zero Gravity which was even worse at this point I honestly thought that someone at SEGA had woken up and smacked the person who came up with the idea round the head with a wet fish and then fired him, out of a cannon, into the sun. Alas this did not happen as we now have the third instalment of what I fear is turning into a continuing series, but this time there’s something different.

Free Riders is a exclusive launch title for the Kinect, the new motion sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360.

So does this new control system make the game any better than it’s predecessors or does it fall flat?

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Sonic 4 was everything the fans asked for and yet somehow I didn’t like it.

Then there was Colours, a game aimed at the little kiddies, yet somehow this is the one title I’ve looked forward to, this first for a while in the Sonic series.

So considering I was the only EC crew member who hadn’t played it in advance did it live up to my expectations, rather critical as they are?

In short no, they surpassed them, by a long way.

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Sonic Adventure is one of those games that has made a lasting impression on the series, first released in 1999 as a launch title for the short lived (and much loved) Dreamcast. It was the first Sonic game to be fully 3D it sold over 2.5 million copies and brought Sonic the hedgehog back to the living room of many old fans. The game was then re-released as a directors cut in 2003 for the gamecube and PC with a lukewarm reception mostly due to it no having aged well, and now we have it re-released once again this time for Xbox Live, and Playstation Network, the question now is, has the game faded any more from it’s last re-release?

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