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You arrive at your destination and stare out over the impressive display of lights.  Now, what to do first?


Wanted to try something different for the entering and arriving scenes of a new area.  Usual style back next week.

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Biafra Republic says:
Casino Night Zone

Part 2 Tomorrow

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ValorB says:

George Clooney Takai Martin White the Third! 8D

Say hello to your new party member. With his quick agility, he makes an excellent Rogue. So, now that introductions are out of the way, it’s time to leave the safe area. Which zone should we enter first?

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your Laser Rifle appears to be sentient. So first things first, what do we call our new companion?

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Titans Creed says:

With this new found equipment, you decide it’s time to free this zone, but first, you need to check your equipment is in working order 😉

You decide to test both your gun and your armour together. Long story short, you knock yourself out and find out that cardboard does somewhat work at cushioning your fall. It also appears that your laser rifle has decided to stay with you.

(Part 2 tomorrow, save questions till then)

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ghost-reaper says:

You play for more then 10 hours, thinking you are commander sheppard by now. Your mind is then curupted as you witness the love scene of mass effect.. strangely though you enjoy it

I think we need to name our weapon.  Any suggestions?

As night falls you must prepare for the Reaper Invasion. You hastily create yourself some armour and locate a laser rifle for the upcoming battle.

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sonic generation lover88 says:

> I think that you should get back to the TV……

You head back to the TV and sit down for a moment to recover.  There now appears to be some sort of controller attached to it and the words “Mass Effect 3” on the screen.  Surely a quick 5 minute game won’t hurt.

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T.A Black says: This one might be a simple one, but it’s all I can really think of:

> Let go, and hope to fly in a direction away from the tree

You let go of the Ring and pray that you don’t hit the tree. Sadly, it appears that someone is rather bored.

Drawn by Shadow Stalker04.

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Biafra Republic says: Try grabbing the spinning ring, as you’re a blue hedgehog with a top speed of Mach 5 and the laws of physics typically do not apply… pillock…

Enough dawdling let’s get on with this!

You grab the ring and hold on for dear life as it proceeds to spin you round, one thing you can take away from this is science probably had nothing to do with this.

Once again a big thanks to Shadow Stalker04 for art monkeying.

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Quick note before the latest Feedback Loop, you may have noticed that it’s updates have been rather lax from me, I’d like to continue but I find I’m too tired most evenings. However never fear the awesome Shadow Stalker04 has offered to help out. So feel free to thank the man on twitter. Now on with the show!

Biafra Republic says: Collect one of the rings, then return to deal with the TV.

Upon closer inspection, the ring appears to be floating by itself. Suddenly you wish you had actually stayed awake in science class at school… or for that matter gone to school in the first place.


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