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I’m Baaaaccccckkkkkk, kind of, in all honestly I never really went away I’ve been tied up with real life stuff and still am but I’ve managed to find some time to put a comic together, I had to really considering this is a very special month.

10 years ago I started something, just for fun that came from boredom during a uni lecture, that something grew and went from strength to strength to form the website you see today. Through this website I’ve been given opportunity’s that I never though possible, helped to run fan conventions, and made life long friends. I’d like to thank all the staff that have contributed to Emerald Coast over the years, including Urtheart, Nemain, Shadowfox, Shadzter, Titanscreed, and Valor B, I never thought I’d end up running a site where people would want to work for it, and I still can’t figure out why you would, thank you all for your hard work, I love you all… in a purely platonic way.

This place has been a big part of my life for the last ten years, and while I know it’s not been very busy this last year (except for Valor B, thanks man) I want it to continue, and I certainly want the core comics to continue.

In that vain have a comic.


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With the recent reveal of Silver as a rival in Sonic Generations I thought now would be a good time to see who people are most looking forward to seeing. Your choices are:

Metal Sonic

A random Rival that no one cares about, or is he? You decide!

Pretty good selection so which one are you looking forward to seeing the most? (continue reading…)

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I know I’m going to regret opening up this weeks poll, but I’m interested to see where you want me to take the Just in Time comic. Bare in mind you can only vote once for these options so think carefully about what you want.

Your choices are:
Longer comics
More frequent updates
Long running plots
Custom sprites/art
One shot comics

Vote as usual in the right hand nav bar. Oh and last weeks results after the jump. (continue reading…)

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A wild Just in Time comic appears in the tall grass, do you A) Read it, or B) Run away!
(continue reading…)

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Yeah no Just in Time this week, to be fair though I’ve been very busy with work, as in large amounts of overtime… yay.

A result of this is I haven’t had a chance to do Just in Time, but rest assured I’ve managed to steal some free time and I’m working on it right now, so hopefully it will be up next week… I do say hopefully.

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Time for me to crush some hopes and dreams, or at least screw with peoples view on life.
(continue reading…)

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Comic is up on time, can’t think of anything witty to add, it’s too early.
(continue reading…)

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Something is coming, it seems that Vger knows what it is (the Vger in the comic not me) and he’s not looking
forward to it.
(continue reading…)

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The plot grinds on, but to what avail?

(continue reading…)

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Okay I’m back on schedule! (continue reading…)


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