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Some of you may have noticed that Emerald Coast has become infested with pony’s, I’ve tried to get rid of them but there like a stubborn stain, they just won’t come out so while I wait for the order of industrial strength Mr Muscle, I’ve set just a few traps.

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Right just a quick comic update this week, things have been busy the last week, but I’m keeping up for now. So enjoy this comic based on a quick something the marvellous artist Ram the Dragon drew, Check out her Deviantart for more!

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I had planned to put this up immediately after the end of Just in Time however, drawn comics always take five times as long as I expect them too. Click here for comic.

This is just something to bookmark the end of the Just in Time series, and to be honest express some of the feelings I’ve developed for it over the last year or so, it became a chore for me to do, so it’s at this point I decided it had to go. Now it’s gone, I do feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can rest for a while.

But rest assured I’m not going to be resting for long, I have other projects in the pipeline, some very near to completion, so keep an eye on Emerald Coast for more news on them, oh and don’t forget to check out the amazing DtN!

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I may have finished doing Just in Time but I haven’t finished doing comics, there’s still the Sonic Shorts series (no not the animations… I used the name first!). Well I was planning on doing another Sonic Short but it’s currently only half done, and Gavvie came up with this one while he was at EC Headquarters it was quick and easy so why not? Enjoy!

And expect more Sonic Shorts soon.

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It’s been a while since a I did one of these, and it’s going to be a while longer before I do, but in the meantime, Urtheart gives you some insight into what we have been up to.


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