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The community spotlight is back, highlighting more parts of the community that you may not know so much about, today it’s the turn of Sonic London’s founder Helen Doherty, where she explains a bit about what Sonic London does.

Also as side note, no comic this week on holiday.

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The Sonic London meet up group has been running for a while now and today it got it’s own website to help support it’s growing community which if your local to London you should certainly check out.

The new site includes details of past meets, testimonials and over 200 plus pictures! Check it out here!

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Something a bit new for you folks this afternoon, from the mind behind the Community Spotlight Titans Creed, and Sonic Yoda of SEGA Driven. A fan game focus review video with this one looking at Sonic Axiom. Honestly I can say the community has needed something like this for a while, at least to get some press out on these games a bit more so please have a watch and maybe you’ll want to play it afterwards?

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Well Summer of Sonic is just coming up this Saturday, and of course once again EC will be representing, although some of us may be jet lagged. Now to wet your appetites Titanscreed has done a community spotlight with some of the staff to discuss the some of the history and there most memorable moments.

…part 2 coming sooner than you think!

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Well this weeks community spotlight is a rather controversial one, with everything TSSZ has been involved in over the years, but it’s still worth a listen.

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Well it’s time once again for another community spotlight where members of the SEGA/Sonic community are interviewed, and this time it’s a very special one as well the spotlight is on Emerald Coast! So please have a listen as Nemain, ValorB, Shadowfox and myself recount our crazy journey with EC.

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The latest community spotlight video has just gone live, this time it’s an interview with Sonic Yoda, the founder of SEGA Driven and long time friend of EC, so have a listen in the video below.

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It’s time once again for another community spotlight, this time dedicated to the good folks who run Radio SEGA.

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Some of you may remember the community spotlight feature that appeared on Sonic Wrecks, well the instigator Titans Creed has stepped things up a notch and is now doing audio interviews with members of the community which is then put on youtube, the first of which, an interview with Sonic Paradox has just gone live, so please feel free to have a listen.


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Hmm time to try something new here, I’ve had a quick dig round Deviant Art for some community wallpapers and thought why not highlight them on EC?


So sit back and enjoy some great wallpapers from a truly talented community.

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