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I sorry, I’ve been slacking lately. Vger knows I’ve been working hard (at hardly working) .3.

Ladies, Gentleman, That guy who never leaves the Couch in your living room.
May I present to you,

Bottom of the Barrel


Chapter 1 – Recruiting.
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Ladies, Gentleman, Akhmin.
May I present to you;

Bottom of the Barrel
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My tablet pen broke as it heroically jumped in the way of an 18 Wheeler attempting to crush a butterfly.

Tragically neither of them made it.
Warnings. WORDS. 😀


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First and foremost, my personal opinion does not mean everyone on this site, or its affiliates share it.
But after hearing people weigh in on the whole Sonic BOOM and seeing people either praising or demanding heads on a stick; I decided it was time to pass on a fair warning to the publisher who has found themselves in the steely gaze of the Sonic Community.
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Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Bowling for Soup’s work on the Sonic games, but sometimes you just get an awesome remix track… this is one of them, enjoy!

Something nice and relaxing for a Sunday.

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So I’ve decided to try something new this year, I’ve gone and opened a new tumblr account, Ask Engie Vger the idea being you or at least those of you with tumblr accounts send questions (not necessarily engineering related) and I will answer them in amusing ways, simple really, so follow and start sending questions! You have your orders now GO!

Ask Vger

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Details of the next Sonic London meet up have recently been announced for September the 7h 2013 venue depending on weather. Seems like the organisers are upping there game with and art corner, 3DS and blackjack? See the flyer below.


For more information check out the facebook event page.

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This years Summer of Sonic has been announced for Saturday the 3rd of August, in good old London, head on over to the website for more details.


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… keep watching the site!

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Project Phoenix is back, this time, to celebrate the upcoming release of the new Sonic Stadium Music Adventure album, Phoenix talks to Jeff McDonnell (Vizard Jeffhog) and Bev Wooff (Rexy/Freqrexy) about the previous album and parts of the upcoming release.


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