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Fancy a chance at winning some goodies before the release of Sonic Generations? Then have a look at Plus XP who have put up a competition to win a set of most excellent set of 6 First 4 Figures… figures.

So what do you have to win this set? Just send in a photo of what you feel sums up Sonic Generations hit the link here to head over to Plus XP for more details.

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After much deliberation we have a winner! It was a close run thing but in the end there could be only one winner. Congratulations to T.A. Black, with the line:

The modern day version of Link never really figured out how to do the whole “Carry everything with you” part of the job

Your prize of a remote control Tails Racer will be on it’s way to you shortly… or once you drop us your address at vger[dot]ec@gmail[dot]com

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Just a quick note to say that entries for the latest caption competition are now closed. We over at EC are currently going over the entries and coming up with a favourite. Rest assured no blind folds or dart boards are involved in this process.

We should have a winner for you by next weekend.

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Hey guys! Theres only a few days left to enter our most recent Caption Competition.

Hit the link and post your comment and if it’s good enough, you may win a TAILS RACER remote control.

Remember, voting closes Thursday 06 October at 23:59 (BST).

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It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, but on the permissions of the emperor himself, we shall get do a new caption competition!

Our sneaky emperor managed to get a picture during his recent trip down to Portsmouth, and has decided that this, above most others deserves a fitting caption…

So, dear viewers, we shall leave it to you to decide upon it’s fate!

Leave your entries as a comment on this post and the best one we get before the closing date of Thursday 06 October at 23:59 (BST) will win a TAILS RACER remote control.

Good luck to you all entering!

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Our last entry by Strata definitely deserves its first place spot, hand made sprites, absolutely hilarious script, loads of references, and the tip of it all, Nemain’s T x Dread request (which was also featured in Sofia’s entry). Enjoy guys!

And congratulations to our grand winner, well deserved and I think we shall remember this one for a while!

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So T.A. Black did something a bit different, and yet still awesome. T.A. was the first to get his entry in (VERY early) but gave us huge entertainment with his novel, and yes I am happy to call it that because it is massive! Yet you’ll be riveted all the way. Since it is not a comic all you have to do is hit the jump button to read the entire thing.
Hopefully you’ll enjoy your booty bewby prize!

(continue reading…)

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Sofia aka Ram the Dragon gave us an epic piece, so epic we can’t fit it on one page, but how many cameo’s can you name?

Congratulations, again we’ll ship these first class heartless style to you (hopefully getting there a little sooner than the last thing I sent… Vger can you post this one?)

Vger EDIT: comic image sizes have been fixed so they don’t break page.

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Our first entry into the fray shows us the claustrophobic nature of Urtheart when in the proximity of anything other than bewbs, made 115 times worse when Akhmin is around.
Congratulations guys, this was the 2nd entry we received and gave us a good laugh, we’ll send you an email asking about where to send your prizes soon.

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone and you guys all made us laugh hard with your entries, but did you ever consider what happened to the TSS lot on this most mushy of holidays?

Oh T, you heartbreaker.


It is our pleasure to announce the winners of our contest. In reverse order…

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