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It’s now no longer Valentines Day anywhere in the world, and I can confirm that someone got the answer to the spot question exactly right!

I started the show on Round 22. If you listen to the Livestream, you’ll notice that I mention I am on round 23 about two minutes in. HOWEVER… You can hear the round changing right at the start of the stream, meaning I technically started one level earlier! I also showed I was on level 33 (changing to 34) once I got the fifth perk at the end of a monkey round. This means the correct answer to our spot question was 12, and Alex373 nailed it exactly! Congratulations! Send me an email at deathanchor *at* hotmail.co.uk with your postal details so I can send you your prize, dude! Thanks to all the others that entered too – Normal EC Airwaves services will resume shortly…

Oh yeah… Sorry DtN is late. Too much uni work and other things going on. Expect an update soon!

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Because we forgot to do this on air… Whoops.

As a little bit of fun, we want you to guess how many levels I completed on Ascension from the start of the show to the end. There’s clues in the Livestream if you missed the show. We were going to make you guess what level I was on when the show finished, but the Livestream gives that away. 😉 The closest guess gets a prize… Namely something Sonic related from my merch haul. Haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be a figure or plushie of some description. One clue I will give you is that I did NOT start at level one – I was a bit higher than that when we went live! Comment on this post with your guess by the end of tomorrow (14th February) and the closest guess wins the prize. All it takes to enter is a number, so comment away!

Oh yes, one entry per person only… Or else Richtofen will gut you with the Bowie knife and bathe naked in your blood. DO NOT DISPLEASE HIM!

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Rules and entry details after the break

(continue reading…)

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It’s with Emerald Coast’s usual brisk pace that I’d like to finally bring you the results of the Dreams to Nightmare motivation poster competition winners. I had planed on getting all this sorted before Christmas however life has a bad habit of getting in the way, so the winners can consider it a new year prize.

Can we get a drum roll please?… okay I’ll settle for the drill sound effect… (continue reading…)

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For those of you who listened in to the recent EC Airwaves Cluster Show, with the whole staff of EC in one place (a rare achievement) we announced two competitions. One of which is the motivational poster competition, now I’m sure anyone who has been on the internet for more than five minutes is aware of what these are, if not here is an example of one I did a few years back.

See simple informative and hilarious.*

But what is your motivation for entering this competition well the EC crew has been digging around to find some lovely goodies for you… (continue reading…)

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OH DEAR LORD. Urth, Vger AND Nemain in the same show? GOD HELP US ALL.

Yes. It’s that time of year. Screw Bonfire night, stuff Halloween, bugger it to Christmas… No-one cares about any of you. It’s time for an EC Airwaves special edition show featuring all of the site crew. This orgy of craziness is bound to make you laugh till you cry… Or just cry out of fear for your sanity. One or the other.

What’s the plan, I hear you all bay loudly? Well, as most of you will know from the IRC, where there’s a Nemain there is no plan… Random things happen, like Scotland detaching from England and the space-time continuum exploding. While we don’t want to give away the broad spectrum of things in store for you (and to be fair, Vger’s planning something he ain’t telling either of us two lackeys), you can expect the following things to happen:

Competition time!

Yes, we have a competition or two up our sleeves. As well as launching a larger competition on the show, we will be giving out spot prizes on the night too. Tune in for more details and to possibly win yourself some merch!

Live action Dream to Nightmare!

Yes, the EC crew shall be filling their respective roles and will be acting out classic scenes from the ever insane Dream to Nightmare: TSS vs EC arc. This will not end well…

Ask the EC crew!

Have you ever had a burning question for us that just won’t go away? Ever wondered if Vger really is an alcoholic? Wonder where Nemain gets her ideas for DtN from? Post your questions in the comments below and we’ll answer them on the show! If you think of something on the day we’ll be keeping an eye on the IRC too – Don’t be shy, ask away!

All this and much more, including random music and the ongoing dispute between Nemain and Urtheart about who the superior pirate is… Will the score ever be settled? Who knows? Who cares? It’s bound to make for insane listening. You can expect this clusterbuggery of madness at 9pm GMT on Friday 5th November, immediately after Turbo Drive Live. Tune in, or else angry AAUK will eat your face.



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It’s time to announce the winner of Emerald Coast’s second caption competition… once again almost a month late… although to be fair not all of that is my fault… just most of it. The captions have be read, re-read, eaten, digested and regurgitated in order to produce a winner which is:

Congratulations to Magus Gar Kan, a 3″ Jazwares Tails figure is on it’s way to you as I write this.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Emerald Coast caption competition coming soon.

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You have ten days… ten days to come up with a caption for Emerald Coast’s caption competition, the winner of which will get, *drum roll* a 3″ Tails Jazwares figure, not bad for a one little comment?

So to remind you again, here is the picture.

Oh dear...

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below, or you can post your comment on the Etherial Online forum topic. End time is September 10th 23:59 BST.

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Hot on the heels of the last caption competition comes another one… This time, T-Bird looks a little worse for wear.

Oh dear...

Oh dear.

Leave your entries as a comment on this post and the best one we get before the closing date of  Friday 10th September 23:59 (BST) will win a 3″ Jazwares figure. Not bad for a few minutes of your time, eh? Get thinking!

Keep an eye out for another competition coming soon… The hopeless romantics among you will love this one!


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