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I live, but I find things are so much more difficult now, life gets in the way of my old habits, perhaps it’s for the best though, perhaps it’s time to try something different.

A new challenge perhaps?

Something to test even the great cunning of an Emperor like myself?

But what?

Hmm, I have always meant to complete my Sonic game library, some of which are exceedingly hard to find and expensive now.

Yes this seems like a worthy use of the Emerald Coast coffers and an acceptable challenge to my wit and guile.

I declare the hunt on, challenging myself to complete at least one gap in my game collection per month.

… One final thought before anyone asks, no, I am not going after Sonic Schoolhouse.

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Noticed this when I checked my emails this morning and thought it was worth posting for only ten dollars it’s a good deal; hurry though it’s only available for the next 17 hours… at time of writing.


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Be amazed by this wondrous Sonic costume?

Any chance for a one in yellow with fox ears?

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I’ve been meaning to get into the video making business for a while now, and with Metal Sonic turning up on my door step today I thought now is as good a time as any, enjoy!

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EDIT: Site has just been pulled offline, seems like people were getting ahead of themselves… whoops.

Okay I just saw the new place on the net to get your Sonic merch… at least if your a UK fan that is. sonicmerchandise.com/ has launched to little or no fanfare or promotion at least from what I can see and I can understand why.

Looking around the site it seems okay enough except it seems to be lacking in content they have sections for Figures and plushies which have nothing in which seems to me to be just teasing. (continue reading…)

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A few weeks ago I published an article on some Gashapon’s I found at forbidden planet, well I’ve been back today, and they have some new ones in stock. This time they have a Allstars Racing flavour, and there’s only four in this set, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Amy. I’ve managed to get three of them.  As you can see below.

Now I’ll admit the picture is not the best in the world, but there again, the figures themselves are rather pants, not something I’d really recommend buying. (continue reading…)

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Well I’ve been out and about a bit today, and found my local forbidden planet where I spotted some Gachapon’s (essentially plastic balls with figures inside). Now these are actually being released by Tomy (a red flag warning in itself) but actually these look pretty good, see pictures below.

I only got Sonic Knuckles and Super Sonic, but that’s pretty good I think, also included in the set is Metal Sonic, Shadow and the Werehog.

(continue reading…)

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So, as some of you know there was the first London meet post-SoS on the Sunday. What some of you aren’t aware of, is that there was a semi-private meet going on over the course of the entire weekend in Portsmouth.

(continue reading…)

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Last week it was announced that if you pre-ordered Sonic Generations at Gamestop stores you would also get an exclusive DLC pack. As usual this offer was US only so the rest of the unclean none American Sonic fans were left wondering whether we would get a similar offer. Well it seems that question has now been answered, in the UK at least.

In my local Game store today I noticed several boxes promoting free DLC if you pre-order and purchase Sonic Generations, see picture below.

Whether this is the same DLC pack as the one Gamestop has remains to be seen but it seems likely considering the artwork in the background, but the real question is, will this turn out to be a repeat of last years Argos fiasco offering a free Sonic Colours figure with every pre-order and then going back on it… hmm I’m getting cynical in my old age.

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Tall Guy who is a beloved fan and friend of EC has put up some ebay items for sale, with all the proceeds going to Sonic Relief. While not quite the same rarity as say Sonic 1 signed by Yuji, there are some nice posters which are hard to get a hold of.

Up for grabs are 3 Sonic Free Riders Posters, linked here, here and here.


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