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Whatever you may think about the Sonic games the music has always been a high point managing to stay fresh and interesting for most of Sonic’s 20 years. From the simple yet catchy melodies of the early 90’s Mega Drive/Genesis console offerings, to the more recent soft rock approach of the late 90’s to now where we have the latest evolution in the sound of Sonic in Colours which I can only seem to define as a mix between a full orchestral and techno.

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I have good news for those of you who have had ‘Free,’ the main theme for Sonic Free Riders, stuck in their head for the last few weeks, a soundtrack is on the way! Due December 8th the CD will include all the themes from the courses, the main theme ‘Free,’ and a Crush 40 version of ‘Free!’

Well I know I’m drooling already, of course there is the usual issue of it only being released in Japan but that’s never stopped me before.

For more information have a look at the Video Games Music database.

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I think someone needs to run a virus check on Omega…

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Nothing like taking down an oil refinery to start the day, meh more work for me.

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You Maniacs! You put Cream in the comic! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

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Atop the Forth Wall, an internet video series reviewing bad comics recently hit it’s one hundredth video and to celebrate Linkara, a sci-fi (wooo!) and Power Rangers (I guess someone has to like it) obsessed man, reviews one of the comics he swore he would never review, and since it’s being posted here I think you can guess what it’s related to. Yup he reviews a Sonic comic, now while I love the Archie Sonic series they did produce some really bad ones in the early days… and come to think of it more recently *cough* Sonic X *cough.*

Linkara cuts right to the heart of things and reviews probably the worst of the lot, Sonic Live!

I’m ashamed to say I actually have this comic, but at the same time I’m proud to say that I’ve never read it and I don’t think I ever will.

Why not check out some of the other comic review Linkara has done, right here, it’s how I’m killing my Sunday.

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Hmm I sense a politically charged comic.

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After the overwhelmingly positive response last week for pre-orders of the none existent Emerald Coasts plush collection I got a brilliant photo from Ram the Dragon of Sonic Wrecks the long time enemy friend of Emerald Coast. Are we ready to say awwww?

Who knows if we promote enough interest we might be able to rope some pathetic fool into actually making these, any volunteers?

Oh and if you haven’t placed your pre-order already I suggest you comment below, we all know you want one.

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During Radio Redux we mentioned 2 things:

1) People want an EC Plush Collection

2) There will be a special edition of the next DtN comic, what it is? You’ll have to wait and see.

However we’ll only be showing you it if you support us first! by Pre-Ordering the first EC plush collection free of charge!

Hit the jump button to see a preview of the EC plush Collection!

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Coming very soon from archie.

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