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For those of you in the know, ‘The British Andy’ and ‘TitansCreed’ have been doing an annual race playing through classic and modern Sonic games to raise money for Special Effect Charity.

2020 is no different, the date of June the 19th starting at 12 am PDT / 2am CDT / 3am EST / 8am BST, for about 14 hours the returning on the 20th and perhaps even the 21st if they meet one of there donation goals.

This race also includes donation ‘incentives’ to torture… I mean help… your favorite player from losing a life to oven mitts… and oh so much more.

If you can’t wait for the big day then you can support them now by heading on over to Steam labs to invest in some fine swag designed by ‘Ram the Dragon,’ items will be available until July the 5th but best to snap them up now to push The British Andy and TitansCreed closer to those ‘special incentives.’

You’ll be able to watch this event live on twitch from The British Andy and TitansCreed account, and who knows who might turn up to turn the thumbscrews… I mean cheer… yes definitely cheer them on.

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Right, again, the comic will be late this week (or not at all). I have already talked to the Titan of Weasels about it and he may change the question.

In the long and short of it; I’ve quit my job. Not going to go into it but I am starting a new job on the 21st SLASH 22nd; meaning I start nights for the foreseeable future, but a good chance I will start having weekends off.

I will get back to work (for the Emperor Vger! :V ) as soon as I am able. 🙂

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It is, its right here! 

Jerry will be taking questions again, so far I have two more in the pipe.

Comiccommentor I think I saw one in the comments,

What does Jerry think about the rumors that Bubsy might be in the new Sonic Forces game?

If you want that to be your question, I will have the red fur-ball answer (though Sonic Forces came out awhile ago).  Feel free to change it, and you know what? Throw in another one, and you will get a two-for-one if possible, if not back to back strips. 🙂

As of future note, please direct any and all questions at my Twitters and I will get to them as they come.

I only ask that you do not throw me softballs, like Trump, and if its Video Game Related Mortimor will answer instead of Jerry, mostly because Jerry does not play the games. :V

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Okay has everyone calmed down after that surprise? No… take a few more deep breaths…

Now that I’ve had a bit of time to think about custom characters in Sonic it makes sense, for years SEGA has watched as fans create their own custom characters based on the franchise no matter how stupid or overpowered or convoluted they turn out, I am including my own idiotic creations in this (I was young).

So now SEGA have decided to capitalise on this by saying okay you like making fan characters? Here’s a game that you can actually have your charecter play alongside Sonic. It’s pretty much as close as people are going to get to being in the game with Sonic… and let’s be fair there will be some that prefer that to real life. Now all SEGA has to deal with is complaints of why certain species ‘x’ hasn’t been included, I do not envy them, they included hedgehogs but no foxes? THIS IS A TRAVISTY!… and so on.

On the flipside, gameplay trailer looks pretty fun combining the best of what we have seen out of the last few games and what sounds like a kick ass soundtrack, I’m looking forward to seeing more.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… *cries*

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Did you know there are still tickets still available for Summer of Sonic? No? Well there are still a few! Head over to the Summer of Sonic Hub FAQ page and click on the ‘I missed the Kickstarter, can I get tickets?’ question to find out how you can grab a ticket.

sos16_logo small

Do it now, you don’t know how long these tickets are going to last.

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First and foremost, my personal opinion does not mean everyone on this site, or its affiliates share it.
But after hearing people weigh in on the whole Sonic BOOM and seeing people either praising or demanding heads on a stick; I decided it was time to pass on a fair warning to the publisher who has found themselves in the steely gaze of the Sonic Community.
(continue reading…)

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A quick message about Summer of Sonic, please read it here.

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SEGA have gone and put up a video explaining a bit more about the ideas of the new Sonic Boom game and TV show, including interviews with the game developers and TV show runner you start to clearer idea of what they are trying to do…

… and I know I’m probably going to get flamed for saying this but I like it.

As an extra side note, no comic tomorrow, it’s taking longer than I thought to develop the sprites… for once the script isn’t the problem!

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I couldn’t resist, EC News is back after a very long hiatus for a second season, new and improved with after effects (work in progress I’m still getting my head round this thing) and show notes because doing forty takes before I get it right is just annoying, saying that this still took about thirty takes.

Also I may have had a hair cut… and a shave since my last video deal with it.


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