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Well well well, it seems like the UK Sonic convention is back fro one more go, that’s right the Summer of Sonic, this time August 6th 2016 at london’s ILEC Conference Centre, Earls Court, London. Be there or not, it’s your choice, but if your a Sonic fan living in the UK there is no choice.

Oh this time round in order to raise funds for the event there’s a kickstarter which you can find here, so reserve yourself some tickets now.

Hope to see you there!

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This years Summer of Sonic has been announced for Saturday the 3rd of August, in good old London, head on over to the website for more details.


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… keep watching the site!

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Well it’s the last community spotlight for Season 1 from Titanscreed, and once again it’s a chat with some of the people that work behind the scenes at SoS this time we take a look at what the future may hold.

Well that rounds that up, hope to see lot’s of people at Summer of Sonic very soon!

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Another day and we have part 2 of the Summer of Sonic community spotlight, this time Titanscreed asks about the guests and events that have happened around SoS.

Third and final part coming to you very soon.

Oh and a happy Independence day to our American cousins.

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It’s been a long time coming but the venue for this years Summer of Sonic has been announced, and guess what? Were going to the beach!

Alright it’s not quiet the beach but it’s pretty darn close (up the road close), as this year were off too Sunny Brighton to invade the Hove Centre. Now for those who thought SoS would still be taking place around the London area, don’t fret as Brighton is only a short train ride from London, and we get to change out the crowded centre of London for a beach town which is a win.

For more information head on over to the Summer of Sonic website.

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Many of you will have already seen the post over on Sonic Wrecks and on Facebook that T-Bird wrote asking for voluntary donations towards the running of SoS. Us here at EC would like to help this cause a little more and I don’t believe in letting generosity go unrewarded, so I’m offering my artistic talents towards the fundraising!

I’m opening up an initial five commission slots at £10 each for fully coloured and shaded SA-style art, and a further five at £5 each for A4 sketches. You choose the character, I will draw it for you… And if you’re coming to SoS, you can even have a print/the original sketch of the work waiting for you if you want! 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the SoS fund, and if you’re lucky (and I get my new computer fully installed with fun things), you could even see your commission being drawn LIVE on my Livestream account!

So! If you’re interested in helping SoS out and want some art as our way of saying thankyou, please contact me directly or reply to this post stating what you would like! Please note that multiple characters will count as separate slots so be certain to get your commission requests in quick as I’m sure these spaces will not hang around long!

Footnote: For those of you that were kind enough to donate towards Sonic Relief a while ago… Don’t worry! Urth is starting your drawings as we speak, and you will see them soon!

EDIT: Five slots gone already! Thankyou guys – Keep ’em coming!

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