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Well you had part one a few days ago, now enjoy part two of the interview with the Sonic Stadium founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne.

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I wondered if when we would see this, TSS after all is pretty much the biggest fan site out there and has been at least partially responsible for a lot of the good work that has come out of the community and SEGA collaborating, so enjoy part one of the interview with TSS’s founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne.

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Some of you may remember Project 24 over on SSR, well it’s where DJ’s over at SEGA Sonic Radio do shows for 24 hours… simple enough? And once again yours truly has been roped in to help out a little, more specifically I’m handling the 8-10 am slot (GMT), should be nice and quiet around then yes? So tune in then to listen to me ramble on about something… I haven’t decided yet. Full show line up below:

Project 24 Schedule (all times in GMT):
12am – Streamline with DJ DanDyer
1am – Saturday Night SEGA with the RadioSEGA
2am – PH34R TH3 R4ND0MN3SS! with cdrom1019
3am – SegaAGES with ForeverSonic
4am – DJ Darkspeeds with Darkspeeds
5am – AV Hijack with Biafra Republic
6am – AV Hijack with Biafra Republic
7am – The Realm of Awkward Banter with Edward850 and Cyndus
8am – EC – Airwaves with Vger
9am – EC – Airwaves with Vger
10am – Hawkz in the House with Hawkz
11am – SpeedKnux Pie with Speedknux
12pm – SpeedKnux Pie with Speedknux
1pm – Blitz & Pieces with BlitzChris
2pm – Blitz & Pieces with BlitzChris
3pm – Paraphernalia Radio with JayZeach
4pm – T-Time with T-Bird
5pm – T-Time with T-Bird
6pm – The Sonic Hour with Dreadknux
7pm – The Sonic Hour with Dreadknux
8pm – The Raccoon Zone with Roarey Raccoon
9pm – The Raccoon Zone with Roarey Raccoon
10pm – Talk It Up with cdrom1019
11pm – Turbo Drive Live with Turbo

The fun starts at midnight tonight, be sure to tune in.

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Since Radio Redux is continuing it’s hiatus this week I’d thought I’d jump in at the last minute and save you from not having anyone to listen too on Sunday evening!

So from 7pm (UK time) expect to hear me ramble about stuff for a bit. Bare in mind clocks have moved back a day in the UK today so were a little more out of synch than normal with the rest of the world.

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Boys and girls of every age, would you like to hear something strange?

On the night of the 31st of October (aka next monday at 8pm GMT) the two local pirates of Wrecks & EC, Nemain and Urtheart, will take to the livestream airwaves to bring you a horrifying show straight out of the asylum for your visual and Audio pleasure. If you dare to join the insanity, make sure you tune in on the Urtheart’s Boombox Livestream and join in the chat, you never know, there may be some spooky spot prizes to give away. Either that or we’ll drive you insane for the remainder of your life, either way it’s all good.

This is Halloween, pirate style! join us on the Dark Ship Honeybunch, Lollypop, GHEY, Heartless, 8pm next monday on all Hallows Eve, or be DAMNED TO AKHMIN’S GOB AND BE NOMMED FOREVER DAVEY JONES LOCKER!

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Hi guys, while EC Airwaves may be on hiatus for a bit, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on me torturing your ear drums. I’m now taking part in a weekly podcast called Mock the Geek, a weekly show talking about the weeks gaming news in same way as the UK TV show Mock the Week does.

The first episode went out last week and you can now listen/download it from here!

Oh and don’t forget to tune in tonight from 9.30pm on Radio SEGA, and 10.30pm on SEGA Sonic Radio for Episode 2.

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EDIT: Correction show starts 11 am not pm, Urth brain no work.


Friday for us UK lot is a bank holiday. Why? Because it’s a glorious day where our nations is able to celebrate a new married royal couple.

Well with Vger being Royalty himself, myself a Cornish lawless and not so patriotic pirate, and Nemain being on the run from an Aslymn, none of us are really going to pay attention to the Royal Wedding. As such there will another all day livestream from Urtheart’s Boombox Livestream starting from 11am UK time with myself as your host. We’ll try and get a few other peeps in for convo at certain points in the day but we’ll have a whole day of drawing and some gaming for you, along with a requesta festa full of music.

So just in case you get bored of the Royal Wedding… y’know just, tune in and we’ll do our best to entertain!

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Once again were back to bring you the latest news etc from the world of Sonic, just with one slight difference, I may not be there if I’m not then Urtheart will be taking the reigns today, otherwise it will be business as usual.

Listen in here from 6pm this evening UK time only on SSR… and Urthearts livestream!

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After yesterdays fun on radio SEGA were all worn out but you know what ere still going to do EC Airwaves because we like doing it.

Listen in here from 6pm this evening UK time only on SSR… and Urthearts livestream!

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Sometimes I have to teach Vger a little lesson in piracy, and I also need to flex my muscles and sail the heartless out to invade places in… Vger’s honour?

Regardless due to circumstances involving an attempted infiltration of EC headquarters by RadioSEGA’s head Gavvie, there will be a special show of Saturday Night SEGA on RadioSEGA tonight at 10pm, so tune in or watch us and find out what various mayhem and havok we can cause as we hijack RadioSEGA


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