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Well I’m back from running around the country and Europe so it’s back to normal on Sundays with another EC Airwaves filling in for Radio Redux.

What will we discuss this week? Will we get past the news? Will I get to watch top gear on time? Find out tomorrow at 7pm only on SEGA Sonic Radio.

7pm UK time Sunday Listen in here. Oh and you can watch as well, just click here.

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Because we forgot to do this on air… Whoops.

As a little bit of fun, we want you to guess how many levels I completed on Ascension from the start of the show to the end. There’s clues in the Livestream if you missed the show. We were going to make you guess what level I was on when the show finished, but the Livestream gives that away. 😉 The closest guess gets a prize… Namely something Sonic related from my merch haul. Haven’t decided yet, but it’ll be a figure or plushie of some description. One clue I will give you is that I did NOT start at level one – I was a bit higher than that when we went live! Comment on this post with your guess by the end of tomorrow (14th February) and the closest guess wins the prize. All it takes to enter is a number, so comment away!

Oh yes, one entry per person only… Or else Richtofen will gut you with the Bowie knife and bathe naked in your blood. DO NOT DISPLEASE HIM!

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EC Airwaves will continue tomorrow despite there being no Vger around (he’s gone on Holiday) so Urth’s taking over again, with the help of Nemain.

This week, with it being Valentine’s day the next day we’re going to be doing the obvious topic, ZOMBIES!

Nemain might be a wee bit obssesed... we still luffs her

Join the two Zombie crew leaders as we relate some of the games with the rest of the new recruits and explain why Zombies is a pretty decent game, despite us not actually like CoD at all.
Even better, we hope to let you join in, and possibly have a spot prize or two for you lot.

Join us at 1900 GMT either on SSR or Livestream for at least an hour of pure madness.

EDIT: Yes, Spin, Urth is a total ghey and got stuck in a timewarp. I BLAME THE GOVERNMENT. ~ Nemain

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Okay this was announced over on Sonic Wrecks a few days ago but I seem to always get distracted when I want to write a post at the moment so I’ve finally caught a break to do this.

As you should all know EC Airwaves returned to SEGA Sonic Radio earlier this year and now that triumphant* return is up on Sonic Wrecks for all to listen to, click here and click the sixth episode link.

A big thanks to Sonic Wrecks for hosting it.

*pending approval from a jury of my piers.

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Just a quick reminder that this Sunday I will once again be torturing your ears with EC Airwaves from 7pm UK time, and in fact this will be the last show for a few weeks as for the next few weekends I will be indisposed, although Urtheart might fill in in two weeks, unless Radio Redux has come back, in which case I’m shopping for a new time slot… oh and on a side note, I have just discovered and awesome song to open the show.

Usual time 7pm Sunday Listen in here. Oh and you can watch as well, just click here.

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I think the title says it all really, so you better listen in on SEGA Sonic Radio, and watch on Urths livestream if you want to see this.

Posted by Vger, Jan.15, 2011, under EC Airwaves, Comments (1)

Just a quick reminder for this Sunday at 7pm, EC Airwaves will once again be entertaining you in new and interesting ways I’ve not thought of yet.

Usual time 7pm (aka the time slot I stole borrowed from Radio Redux. Listen in here. Oh and you can watch as well, just click here.

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You know what we haven’t had in a long time? We haven’t had me making some random rambling rant on the radio, well guess what, from this Sunday you will!

That’s right from this Sunday I will be returning to SEGA Sonic Radio over at TSS to fill in for Radio Redux while they have there break, what it’s a good time slot! So tune in from 7pm Sunday (UK time) for a dose of me… oh and Urtheart. Listen in here.

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Hey guys, just a quick reminder that this Sunday is going to be project 24, where the DJ’s of SEGA Sonic Radio put on 24 hours worth of shows starting at Midnight Saturday (GMT), tonight. It’s well worth a listen, partly because I will be doing a brand new episode of EC Airwaves in the the 6-8am time slot, oh god why did I choose those times?

If that’s not enough to make you want to listen then check out some of the prizes you could win throughout the day, and I may throw in the odd on the spot prize to be won during my show, you will just have to listen in and find out.

To listen in go here, and don’t forget to join in the fun in the irc chat room! Festivities start at midnight this Saturday UK time!

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Well first off is some important news for you guys. Anyone a fan of Urtheart’s Boombox or EC Airwaves? Or even that special edition of Boombox which saw Nemain invade? Want more? Well there will be a special SSR show on the 5th November right after Turbo Drive Live featuring the whole EC crew (transportation permitting).

So what should you expect? Well the usual madness of course, we’ve already got a few things planned, and we have some prizes lined up, and we’ll be announcing our next major EC competition. Along with a huge selection of music from all 3 of us.

Next up is guest comics, we’re still always happy to accept them but we could use a couple for the next week so if you guys fancy shaping up again then feel free to send us stuff, you did a bang up job during the takeover so more is welcome.

But why do we need em? Click the more button for news.

(continue reading…)


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