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First at EC: Rumours have been going round for a while now of a new Sonic compilation with various ratings bodies classifying something called Sonic Classics Collection. Well SEGA have finally lifted the lid on there latest compilation confirming the rumours.

Quick Summary of details:
Sonic Classics collection will gather together four of the greatest Sonic games made, ie Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles from the Mega Drive/Genesis, especially optimised for the DS with a never seen before save feature (unless you count the xbox live version save feature), also included are extras to expand your knowledge of the franchise and a wealth of pictures and videos. To be released March 2010.

So we have yet another compilation coming our way? Lets hope its better than there attempt to port Sonic 1 to the GBA a few years back.Click here to see the release announcement on the Sonic City blog.

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