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Today marked a rather sad day for British gaming. British gaming studio Bizarre Creations have closed down. Known for a lrage libary of quality games, including the Project Gotham Racing series, Geometry Wars and of course the SEGA title The Club, it is a shame that these games in most cases did not sell as well as they deserved. While I can’t say the studio was particularly dear to… whatever I have in place of a heart, they will be remembered, and it is a shame for us to loss one of the decent developers in the UK. Sadly it is only one duff game that can cause them to go, and Blur was sadly that game for them.
While their new 007 game has come out with music from one of our favourite composers, Richard Jacques, they leave us with one last thing, this video.

RIP Bizarre Creations, may your games lvie on in the minds of gamers for years to come.

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