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So, today’s strip reveals two things.

2) I hear voices in my head, they comfort me they understand, they talk to me… >w>

Read below for Context! :V

So, I am a HUGE Aliens Fan.  When they announced Aliens : Colonial Marines for the Playstation 2, I was effin’ syced.

Then it got canned.
And then Gearbox announced they were going to be working on a Clonial Marines themselves.
Gearbox.  The people who brought us Road to Hill 30, and Borderlands, had been blessed by SEGA Almighty to throw us into a nightmare of acid-for-blood mayhem.

They promised us Terror.  Intensity.  Movie-Like-Realism.  Instant death around every corner.  And the chance to hear our friends scream like scared school girls in Cooperative.

I was pysched.  I was so so stoked that I actually followed this very; VERY closely.  The last time I was so excited about a game was Warhammer Online.  Before that? Sonic Adventure 2.  Lets say I’ve got particular tastes in my Gaming Genre. >_>
I watched the interviews.
I watched the sneak-peaks.
I was humming the sound track to ALIENS (the movie), in the truck, while cruising across America.

Anyway.  While I was still working for USA Truck, I traveled over 900 miles to come home in two days, which was a lot considering I was only allowed to drive 500 a day.  The game had been released the day before and I saw some of the reviews even as we pulled up to Gamestop.

This was GEARBOX.  How could they FAIL?.  HOW. COULD THEY FAIL?!
So i not only bought ONE COPY.  I bought TWO.  For me and my best friend.  We set up shop to have an all-day, all night game session.
We never ran into any bugs (other then the acid kind).  But as we progressed we were seeing animation nightmares, hit-box errors out of the ass, and not to mention the AI Comrades would take the frak off and were utterly unreliable.
As we played, we kept seeing more and more problems, and it was starting to feel more like a Call of Duty rip-off that was so poorly done that we kept looking at our 360 Boxes wondering if this was some horrible mistake.e   They released the Aplha.  THE ALPHA.  They’d Give us the actual game soon…

…wouldn’t they?!

Well we all know how this ends, don’t we?  ACM is heralded as a flop, despite it selling 1.6 million copies (though I wonder how many of them were traded in for Hello Kitty Island Adventure, or Final Fantasy XIV)…yet Borderlands 2 not only shines, Gearbox POINTS at it.

Yet why this sudden outburst you might nask?  This is old old news, why bother saying anything now?

I went to check up on ACM, because I had yet another friend pester me about it.  I checked up on the Forums, poked about on some independent quires…its still nothing that was promised us in written format, interviews or demos, but they now have the audacity to announce that the latest DLC is the Last DLC; which in turn does not promise us anything but more story.

I have not felt so goddamned ripped-off in my life short of Mass Effect 3’s original ending.  But then as a writer I understood what they were going for; an ending, I still own a copy of ME 1 to 3, and I still play them, their awesome games, despite the ending.

ACM is a broken mess of fuck.  I not only refuse to play it, but Gearbox isn’t getting another dime from me.

Sure, someone else bought me Borderlands 2, I played it, it was fun.  Soon as I beat it however, I uninstalled it and filed it away.  I have no interest in buying the DLC’s for it, no interest in spending money on anything Further with the Gearbox monicker.

You lot do what you want.
I’ve got one abusive Uncle who doesn’t know their doing wrong, (HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU SEGA), another one who assumes we’re idiots is just one to many, thanks.

-That Fat Writer Guy

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October 18, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Gearbox seems to be as popular as the cock roaches these days….much like congress is as popular as hemorrhoids XD

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