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Earlier this week, I posted that Emerald Coast was moving hosting, that post has since disappeared because it was posted at the old host, and so now I’m making my first post from my new host… so that must mean one thing, it worked and the whole thing did not blow up in my face… although I’m still paranoid that something will go wrong.

So why have I moved hosting in the first place? Well put simply the old place was starting to get close to its limits, so for the last month or so I’ve been digging around trying to find a good deal from a trustworthy company… alas that is very hard to find. However one man came to my rescue and offered to host Emerald Coast on his sever. I’d like to thank my new overlord and master Psyguy of Fireball20xl for putting me up, I owe you big time and I promise not to upload too many videos.

Anyway, now this is sorted I’m looking to get down to business with Emerald Coast, getting comics out on time and working on the various ideas I’ve had for the site… some of which you may be seeing soon, oh and keep your eyes peeled I’ve been looking to do a competition for a while and around now seems like a good time.

OK I think that’s enough of me ranting for now, I’m going to head off and do some work for the site… maybe. In the meantime don’t forget to vote for Emerald Coast in the Sonic Site Awards!

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