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In short;

The tablet I draw on is encountering errors on the laptop when I plug it in.  So its either my tablet or my laptop; both are too expensive for me to replace with the fact that my finances are in the toilet.  Don’t worry about me folks, I’m not starving and my ‘house’ has wheels. 🙂

I am working on TWO Projects with Jerry.  One includes the entire EC Staff in the Comic Arch I am calling “Basements and Critters,” a Dungeon and Dragons SLASH Warhammer Fantasy Parody wherein the very talented writer TheRandomGenius has inspired the arch with his awesome fanfiction wherein Vger and Urth find themselves in Yu-Gi-Oh’s Universe.

The other is a Fan Fiction Story called MARS4.  A Fanfiction because it is set in Sonic’s World; right after the ‘Civil War’ and the Kingdom of Acorn became a Republic…but has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sonic the Hedgehog; or any of the Franchise Characters.

Also; Classic AF Strips



Basements and Critters  (An Action/Adventure/Comedy)

Because I have had issues with this infernal tablet; the premise of the story is Vger and his gang of minions have been ‘volunteered’ to travel to another universe that resembles a popular MMO a few of the ‘minions’ play.
The question to you dear readers, would you like me to go ahead and convert the script I have into a ‘written’ work, and then just throw in strips when I can get a new tablet/laptop/chance to do so? Or should I continue on the script and wait until I can do the strips themselves? I’m for either or; but be warned I can be very descriptive with these things we call words. xD (I CAN BORE PEOPLE).
For example; in order to make the script work (for me at least), I had to craft a universe where ALL the fan-characters exist, from the simplest recolor to the more complex characters (like Ahkmin, who has no one like him/her/thing/Anubis in the entire ‘Canon’ Continuity).  Trust me, I can be very thorough when crafting things. (First Book rejected officially for length. :V )
I will be harassing several of the EC staff for character reactions (I already started with some notes).
REGARDLESS – Would you like your eyes mutilated with words or fancy finger paintings?…that will be in black and white with splashes of color…cause its big…. (i luv u people? o3o )

MARS4 – I actually have FOUR books; two of them finished (with one of those still being proof-read) with one being poked at with sticks and such.  I have hired a proof-reader (one reason why my finances are in the toilet…kinda) to comb over it WITH me because I’m not a grammar king with special spelling powers.  If you don’t know what MARS4 is; then your obviously not following me on Twitter (@ValorB) because I advertise it like a demented sales-person (READ IT OR I’LL EAT YOUR SO-).  I’ve even hired an artist who deserves more far attention then their getting (their deviant art can be found here http://angus.deviantart.com/ ) and may or may not work for the EC staff.  I WILL REVEAL NOTHING OF NEMAIN…oops…
MARS4 is something special I’ve been working on over the last few years, and when I can finally get all the pieces together for Book One (simply titled MARS4) I will make it available for everyone as an Adobe File so you can reads it on tablets and phones and…just read it.What is it about? Its a Mature Story, for Mature Readers, who want a little blood, guts and glory to go into their Sonic the Hedgehog-ness.  I’m exploiting heavily on the lack of information on the Great War (the War before Julian Kintobor, otherwise known as Dr. Ivo Robotnik betrayed the Kingdom and plunged it into a decade of slavery), and crafted a story that follows a Traumatized, Foul Mouthed Great War Veteran, Jerry (of Angry Fox stupidity), and gives Mobius (Sonic’s World) in a different perspective.

Last; Comic wise, I will be doctoring (with mouse) the old Angry Fox strips from my Deviant Art Days before Our mighty Ruler (Vger you gits, keep up) lifted me up and brought me fourth on the interwebs.  This may or may not continue until I can actually start on Comics again and make you cry in despair.
…or laughter…wait, what I say before? ACK-



February 18, 2013 at 1:15 am

forgive a mindless fool such as me…but I almost forgot you were still alive lol…sorry…between surgery recovery and an old friend died on me last week(another victim of cancer) My mind track is a complete and utter disaster….well at least now I for one have something to look forward to by the looks of it eventually lol. Don’t feel bad…I’m operating on a frankencomp pieced back together from remains of my old one and beefed up my cousins’s lmao plus he gets to keep the remaining parts cause I require a new board since mine blew sky high last summer….it suffered a power failure brain explosion…so CPR won’t save it lmao. Trouble is…hopefully I’ll be able to get back to work soon. But hope all comes out well for you sir!

Happy 2013…THE YEAR THAT MAKES NO SENSE lmao.<–There's a meaning behind that.


February 22, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Since I’m more a fan of comics then story so I would prefer to see you draw out the first concept when you have a tablet/laptop again. : )

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