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Just In Time is finally back, and looking better than ever… well it would be looking even better than it does if I’d had the time to work on it… but no I had to do a site redesign in the same month, hopefully next weeks will look even better though.

Yeah that’s right, I’m cutting back on my Just in Time update schedule, for one very good reason, quality! Last year doing two a week really took it out of me, and there are some comics I did last year which I’m truly not happy with but with the tight schedule I kind of had to let them go. So now I’m only going to update Just in Time once a week around Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in the hopes that I can keep the quality up and who knows maybe even improve it.

Right Tune in next week on Just in Time to learn absolutely nothing new about the Ultimate Sprite form… not copyright of Sonic Wrecks.

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