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It being Saturday and all I’ve been out and about exploring town and buying hole punchers… don’t ask, anyway on my travels I came across a few new bits of Sonic merch that should wet the apatite of UK fans. Hit the jump for info and more pictures!


First up we have the Sonic and the Black Knight figure (£9.99), this is the first time this item has been avaliable to UK fans outside of ebay and the excessive prices people charge on posting from America so well worth picking up.

Next we have three of the best pieces of merch to come out in the last few years.




These are the long delayed first for figures viynel figures priced at around £8.99 each, and in my opinion worth at least twice that… more when it comes to the Tails one. Each one is perfectly detailed in the ‘classic’ style, honestly I picked these up a while back online and they are worth every penny, go get them!

And finally we have some impact innovations plushies which have been floating around game stores for a while but I think there slightly cheaper here so if you still want one head over to forbidden planet now!


Overall a good haul from Forbidden planet at the moment, I’m surprised I made it out of there without buying anything, be warned though these products may not be in every forbidden planet store since there are two separate store chains and I saw these in a Forbidden Planet International store.

Right now to see if I can pick up a commision from forbidden planet… hmm maybe I should have asked them before publishing.

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