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It’s back, properly this time in that I am finishing this storyline I started god knows how long ago and it will be good and you will all like it and everyone will be happy frolicking in the fields with all the wild animals…

I think I got a little of track, have today’s comic!


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Did you know there are still tickets still available for Summer of Sonic? No? Well there are still a few! Head over to the Summer of Sonic Hub FAQ page and click on the ‘I missed the Kickstarter, can I get tickets?’ question to find out how you can grab a ticket.

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Do it now, you don’t know how long these tickets are going to last.

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Summer of Sonic the UK based Sonic the hedgehog fan convention is now less than a month away so now seems like a good time to go through a quick rundown of what we know so far.

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First of, for those of you attending make sure you have signed up to the Summer of Sonic hub, as this is where you will get the latest information on the event and it’s where your tickets will be distributed, backers should have had a few emails about this already so if you haven’t signed up yet dig out the email and sign up now. If you have lost your email then you can contact the Summer of Sonic team at support@summerofsonic.com

Now that the important stuff is out the way where and when is it?
Saturday 6th of August starting at 10am and running until 7pm, at the ILEC Conference Centre near Earls Court, for information on transport please check out this guide that has been put up on the SoS hub.

What’s Going on?
There has been a few announcements recently about what’s going on which I’ve listed below.
Nevermind the Buzzbombers Trivia Quiz
Crush 40 Performance
History of Summer of Sonic Pannel
Cosplay Contest

Tyson Hesse
Richard Burton
Deborah Tate
Duncan Gutteridge
James Wallis

Ferran Rodriguez
Richard Elson
Nigel Dobbyn

Mike Pollock
Johnny Gioeli
Takashi Iizuka
Jun Senoue

That’s it for now, I’ll try to keep this up to date as more information goes live.

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Have a half-arsed update!


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Today Sonic the Hedgehog turns 25, it’s hard to imagine it’s been that long. Now Sonic is certainly not a great gaming icon now but for the generation I grew up in he was, Sonic formed a bit part of my life so I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped bring Sonic the hedgehog to us over the years in whatever form, your efforts have helped to enrich my life and that of so many others.

And long may it continue.

See you at Summer of Sonic

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Hey, that random, no descript Sonic Character is back, still looking for love apparently;



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Someone asked what sort of Dad I modeled Jerry to be.

My reply?  The Best Kind.

(continue reading…)

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Well well well, it seems like the UK Sonic convention is back fro one more go, that’s right the Summer of Sonic, this time August 6th 2016 at london’s ILEC Conference Centre, Earls Court, London. Be there or not, it’s your choice, but if your a Sonic fan living in the UK there is no choice.

Oh this time round in order to raise funds for the event there’s a kickstarter which you can find here, so reserve yourself some tickets now.

Hope to see you there!

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Well I can offer you a few steps in the right direction.

1. Get a mop and bucket out of the cleaning closet, I know I have one around here somewhere.
2. Clean up the mess you’ve made of the site; I want this to look like how I designed this place 5 years ago.
3. And this is the most important one, GET the HECK off my property before I call Urtheart in with a plank so he can make you walk it!

I hope that helps… now if you excuse me I have a bottle of port to get back to… hmm I fancy something from 1968, that was a good year.


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