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I blame my Brother and my Best Friend for this travesty. :V

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Noticed this when I checked my emails this morning and thought it was worth posting for only ten dollars it’s a good deal; hurry though it’s only available for the next 17 hours… at time of writing.


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Ugh… what year is it? 2016? D*%) it! I miscalculated… well this should be easy enough to fix… wait what do you mean your out of fuel, I knew I shouldn’t have cannibalised the Mr. Fusion for parts. There again those dinosaurs were really hungry. Looks like I’m stuck here for a while then, lets see what my guide says for 2016… oh… oh dear, well at least I have that to look forward to. In the meantime there was that thing I did a while back… should actually be coming out today yeah I’ll post a link to that.

A month or so ago Urtheart; the crazy fool that he is; did a lets play of Sonic 2 (8 Bit), and then two other crazy people joined him to comment on it; I was one of those crazy people (the other being AAUK) so I felt it was appropriate to post it here.

Check out more videos from Last minute Continue by visiting the youtube channel. Alternatively visit the website here… people still visit websites right they hypernet hasn’t been invented yet right?

Oh and for those who are wondering yes that is port.

Also happy New Year.

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In a Comic Strip, Really Really Close…
…like, right here.

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When was the last time I actually posted a comic… four months?!?!!… s*!* has it really been that long?

Well good news, circumstances have conspired to reduce my work load at work… significantly… so I have time to actually do a comic and more importantly actually have the will to do them; potentially I may have a more regular schedule up and running soon. In the meantime have a comic now slightly bigger for extra detail!


Oh and as a side note, everyone remember that Sonic Lost World game that came out a few years ago for the Wii U? Yeah me neither… I kid I just don’t own or care about anything on the Wii U.
Anyway seems SEGA is holding a launch party for it… a little late I know… oh wait it’s coming out on the PC? Well now I’m interested, so yeah if your a Sonic fan and happen to be in London this weekend (18 and over only I’m afraid) have a look here.

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No one asked. ┬áBUT I’M TELLING ANYWAY .3.

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Because some remakes are so not worth it. :V

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The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Warning; Words.
(continue reading…)

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I live again!

Also happy 24th birthday Sonic, yes I know I’m a day late but I update on Wednesdays, if I update at all, and I’m a man of routines.

In other news comic.


I’m also a little late to the party on Sonic Boom Fire and Ice… yeah my thoughts can be pretty much summed at as follows: okay a Sonic game out for a console that I actually currently own, that’s nice, now excuse me while I scrounge street passes for more puzzle pieces. Yes I now own a 3DS… after I spent years swearing blind that I would never buy one because they give me terrible headaches the instant I turned the 3D on, plus 3D is a stupid gimmick, but that was all fixed with the new 3DS, no headaches at all.

Enough waffling from me, back to the ether I came from.

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I’m Baaaaccccckkkkkk, kind of, in all honestly I never really went away I’ve been tied up with real life stuff and still am but I’ve managed to find some time to put a comic together, I had to really considering this is a very special month.

10 years ago I started something, just for fun that came from boredom during a uni lecture, that something grew and went from strength to strength to form the website you see today. Through this website I’ve been given opportunity’s that I never though possible, helped to run fan conventions, and made life long friends. I’d like to thank all the staff that have contributed to Emerald Coast over the years, including Urtheart, Nemain, Shadowfox, Shadzter, Titanscreed, and Valor B, I never thought I’d end up running a site where people would want to work for it, and I still can’t figure out why you would, thank you all for your hard work, I love you all… in a purely platonic way.

This place has been a big part of my life for the last ten years, and while I know it’s not been very busy this last year (except for Valor B, thanks man) I want it to continue, and I certainly want the core comics to continue.

In that vain have a comic.



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