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Some of you may remember Project 24 over on SSR, well it's where DJ's over at SEGA Sonic Radio do shows for 24 hours... simple enough? And once again yours truly has been roped in to help out a little, more specifically I'm handling the 8-10 am slot (GMT), should be nice and quiet around then yes? So tune in then to listen to me ramble on about something... I haven't decided yet. Full show line up below: Project 24 Schedule (all times in GMT): 12am – Streamline with DJ DanDyer 1am – Saturday Night SEGA with the RadioSEGA 2am - PH34R TH3 R4ND0MN3SS! with cdrom1019 3am – SegaAGES with ForeverSonic 4am – DJ Darkspeeds with Darkspeeds 5am – AV Hijack with Biafra Republic 6am – AV Hijack with Biafra Republic 7am – The Realm of Awkward Banter with Edward850 and Cyndus 8am – EC – Airwaves with Vger 9am – EC – Airwaves with Vger 10am – Hawkz in the House with Hawkz 11am – SpeedKnux Pie with Speedknux 12pm – SpeedKnux Pie with Speedknux 1pm – Blitz & Pieces with BlitzChris 2pm – Blitz & Pieces with BlitzChris 3pm – Paraphernalia Radio with JayZeach 4pm – T-Time with T-Bird 5pm – T-Time with T-Bird 6pm – The Sonic Hour with Dreadknux 7pm – The Sonic Hour with Dreadknux 8pm - The Raccoon Zone with Roarey Raccoon 9pm – The Raccoon Zone with Roarey Raccoon 10pm – Talk It Up with cdrom1019 11pm – Turbo Drive Live with Turbo The fun starts at midnight tonight, be sure to tune in.

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