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Today seems to be a very busy day for SEGA and Sonic, with it being the 10th birthday of the Dreamcast (EC Airwaves special episode tonight don’t forget to tune it at 8pm BST), and the announcement of a back to the roots Sonic game that’s looking to give the old school Sonic fans what they have been asking for, for the last god knows how many years. The teaser doesn’t give us much to go on other than it being back to 2D, in high definition (yay not on the wii!) and built from the ground up, view the trailer for yourself.

Read on for a few thoughts.

Well so far the announcement seems to have been met with a positive response in the fandom, certainly I’m hopeful that this will be a return to form, but I’ve been promised that before so excuse me if I’m more than a little cautious.

The other bit we have to tease us is over at http://www.needlemouse.com, showing us a very interesting rework of some aspects of Green Hill Zone. This actually doesn’t look like a good thing to me since it implies that they are redesigning Sonic 1 for the current generation of consoles. I would hope if there going back to the roots that they would make a nod to the previous games but create completely new styles of levels, of course it’s to early to tell which way SEGA is going with this and the only way any of us going to find out is by waiting patiently until SEGA reveals more… or breaking into the development studio… which isn’t advised… now if you’ll excuse me I need to catch a plane, *cough* I mean make dinner.

Oh and snap, I’ve just filled a hole in my Sonic poster collection.

UPDATE: I’ve been chatting with Psyguy of Fireball20xl, and he pointed out something interesting to do with http://www.needlemouse.com the domain is owned by a Dreamhost member (as this shows)… not SEGA which calls into question if this site is real or a quickly put together hoax, with the latter very likely. I will admit though its a very good hoax as it seems to have taken in most of the community including myself for a while.

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