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Whatever you may think about the Sonic games the music has always been a high point managing to stay fresh and interesting for most of Sonic’s 20 years. From the simple yet catchy melodies of the early 90’s Mega Drive/Genesis console offerings, to the more recent soft rock approach of the late 90’s to now where we have the latest evolution in the sound of Sonic in Colours which I can only seem to define as a mix between a full orchestral and techno.

The Package

The soundtrack is a three,CD set all shoved into a normal CD jewel case so anyone expecting the same excess that we saw with the Sonic Unleashed soundtracks packaging will be disappointed. It does however come with a very arty sleeve and a shiny obi (spine card) which really makes it stand out. The usual booklet with lyrics for the vocal songs is included with a background theme of the different wisps. Overall, the package is very well put together and fits into a normal CD tower slot, which has been the one gripe with the bigger soundtrack collections.

The Music

I’d recommend listening to the soundtrack from start to finish in order to best appreciate it as the tracks follow the story of the game and a lot of the music, particularly the grand orchestral cut scene music captures the emotion and flow of the what’s happening very well so I ended up feeling like I was reliving the game.

The stage tracks have a more techno feel to then but also manages to seize the feel of each stage as well, for example the Terminal Velocity stages imparts a sense of urgency with the pacing of the track which when you consider the level itself is a great match.

One or two tracks have been recycled from earlier games, Eggmans theme springs to mind as it’s the same as his theme in Sonic Unleashed but they fit well with the new music so if you haven’t listened to earlier soundtracks you won’t notice.

The only thing I didn’t like about this soundtrack is Reach for the Stars and Speak With your Heart tracks, the only vocal tracks, I’ll admit they fit the game very well but I find them too cheery and kiddy, this may be just me longing for the Sonic Adventure days of Crush 40 tunes.


I’ve enjoyed listening to this soundtrack immensity, it has taken the ground work laid with the new direction taken in the Sonic Unleashed soundtrack and refined it to the point of blinding brilliance… and blinding packaging.

A must have for any Sonic soundtrack collector, or the more casual fan looking to add a bit of merch, and with it now available rather surprisingly for download from itunes pretty much everywhere you have no excuse to not go out and get this!

CD available from CD Japan for 4000yen + postage
Download from itunes.



January 28, 2011 at 9:06 pm

Heheh…for some reason why does “34’N, 12’E”come to mind here…um lol never mind…my brain got tired of me today and decided to go sled riding in all the snow we got around here in the NE USA. But simple explanation of what I said above is 34 degrees North, 12 degrees East…For Mad Space…I think that’s one of Rouge’s themes right? I’ll have to make a ringtone out of that one LOL ;> But yes Vivid Colors still the shiz nit LOL…I love the 2nd final boss song…god that’s just epic!

Skai Cyan

February 1, 2011 at 4:03 am

Give credit where credit is due, Eggman’s theme in Colors and Unleashed originates from his theme is ’06. Also, yeah I miss Crush 40 a bit too, Reach for the Stars is still awesome though.

Someone on youtube called that ‘Reach for the Stars- Manly Version’, lol.

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