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Happy birthday Sonic! That’s right it’s Sonic’s birthday today along with Eggman who’s looking really worn out for his age, and lets not forget Shadow and Rouge who both turn 8 today… I’m sure there’s more but I think I’ve got the main ones covered.

Anyway what am I going to do in celebration of this momentous event? Well I was planning to do some special site updates for today however as is the way with these things there way behind schedule, and I do mean way behind, ‘sigh’ I’ll finish them eventually… maybe. Enough of my excuses unfortunately I have to work today so I’m rather limited in my celebrating capacity but I do plan on eating some cake along with a glass or two… or ten of port to celebrate true blue reaching the legal drinking age… in the UK… at the moment… I think, there trying to put it up to 21 but I don’t know if they’ve done it yet… any who enough of my rambling.

Happy birthday Sonic, may you have many many more. and don’t drink too much, I doubt it’ll do much good for your running.

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