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I was rather worried this morning, I got up and thought oh god I’ve got to find something for a Sunday afternoon Sonic. I then checked my email and found something waiting… I don’t know what surprised me more, that someone reads these mad little rants or that someone had actually decided to respond after my appeal last week. So what was in this mysterious email? Hit the jump to find out.

Today’s Sunday afternoon Sonic deals with the Winter games game… which is due out next week and currently seems to be the main reason behind my front page turning into an advertisement for youtube, any way I got an email from TailsFox88 with this image attached which I think can best described in his own words,”This is a game cover I made for the upcoming Sonic Olympic game. Rather it’s the cover the way that it SHOULD have been. 🙂 Enjoy.”


I have to say I’m inclined to agree with him and not just because I’m a Sonic fan who hates Mario with all of my being. I do have reasons that make a reasonable amount of sense… for example take a look at the trailers we have seen for the game, I dare you to find one where you see a Sonic character shown before a Mario character. Even in the recent American tv add I can’t help but think that Sonic is getting the short end of the stick.

Okay I admit this may be my paranoia showing through and Mario is half of this game but it still seems that Nintendo’s mascot seems to be getting the lion share of the spot light, it may be that Nintendo is leaning on SEGA to push Mario more, theres just no way to tell… except there is, I’d like you guys to email me at vger.ec@gmail.com with your opinions on this, do you think Mario is getting more attention than Sonic in the winter games?

Okay today’s Sunday Afternoon Sonic is something a bit more thoughtful today, if you have anything you would like to submit to this (as long as its Sonic related) then email me at vger.ec@gmail.com

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