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OK so it’s been a little while sine I’ve done one of these, and to be honest I’ve been a bit lazy not doing them, but in fairness there hasn’t been much until recently that has really interested me in the community. So, what has woken me from my eternal slumber and driven me to write this? Well its from that person that likes to give us weird and wonderful comics kind of Sonic related, Psyguy except this time its not a comic…

I am talking about Psyguy’s brand new series of ‘reworked’ Sonic tv episodes Sonic Abridged. This latest series being based on the Sonic X tv show which in my opinion is in dire need of a bit of reworking and Psyguy does a pretty bang up job.

The voices are nicely dubbed over with far more entertaining lines which while sometimes a bit cheap are hilarious with little references scattered around to the past of Sonic, but don’t take my word for this watch it now and find out for yourself!

The site looks pretty awesome as well so go have a look at it, and don’t forget to comment to encourage Psy to hurry up with the next episode.

Stay tuned to Emerald Coast for more Sunday Afternoon Sonic to fill your days of rest… unless your unlucky enough to work Sundays. If you have done/know of something that would happily kill a Sunday afternoon and just happens to be Sonic related then please feel free to email me at vger.ec (at) googlemail (dot) com and who knows I may do a post about it.

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