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Ever since the rather abrupt end of SATAM on TV at the end of season two fans have speculated as to what would have happened if a third season had been made. Many fan stories have been written, most of them terrible, films and animations have been proposed and shot down but not before the community has been whipped up into a storm. In all I’ve been left with a strong belief that we had a good run with SATAM and now that it’s over ten years old any attempt to revive the show will seem hollow and meaningless, a poor imitation of the original.

So what do I have for you today? Well it’s a comic that picks up where the end of season two left off, with the freedom fighters celebrating and Snively with his new friend scheming his downfall. The question is, is it any good? Does it continue the story and provoke the same feeling of joy as watching the cartoons does? In a word no, I’ve read a number of comics in my time so I like to think of myself as a fairly good judge of these things, and what this ends up being is a poor imitation of the show. Yes the character artwork is quiet nice carrying through the style from the show but the background seems hurried or just lazy in places, and the writing leaves a lot to be desired. The plot follows a very linear path that I found very predictable, and in the end boring. I ended up feeling that the writer wanted to as true to the series as possible and in so doing ended up making it rather flat. Saying that the comic is still in it’s early days and interesting things may be lurking ahead.

While I didn’t enjoy it, I do however feel it has some potential given time, but why don’t you go have a look, at the very least it will kill half an hour of your Sunday afternoon.

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