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Sonic the Comic was a long running series published in the UK from 1993 and unfortunately met a rather sad end in 2002 with 223 issues. However that wasn’t really the end, a group of fans got together and decided to continue the series in an online form and has now in the past week released it’s 250th edition.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t read Sonic the comic as a kid, but I have got a hold of some copies (thanks T) and I’m slowly working my way through them. I’ll also admit that I prefer the Archie comics but I think I can put that down to reading those first. I’ve also taken the time to read some of Sonic the Comics online past offerings and to be honest I’ve been a little disappointed in the story and the artwork, although I could put this down to reading them when I had no reference to put the story in.

So when I say that after hearing about issue 250 being released I wasn’t expecting that much, believe me, but like any good Sonic fan I went along to have a look at least and I was surprised to see art that looked really good, and a story that I found interesting and engaging without having to go back and read over 249 back issues.

Normally the online team do a few with different artists, but this time they have focused on the one story and brought in different artists for every few page. Now this in my opinion is a risky endeavour because you have different art styles competing with each other making the flow of the comic jarring. Sonic the comic online however have managed to pull it together a group of artists that have worked well together to create something that is fundamentally better than there previous offerings and quiet frankly I hope it continues.

Anyway I think I’ve rambled on long enough, go and have a read of issue 250 here.

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