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It seems that distributor of moderately priced, China built, Sonic merchandise, Impact Innovations have been at it again. For those of you who don’t know who impact innovations are they have released some Sonic plushes and more recently Sonic backpacks appearing in UK game/gamestation stores. So what’s there latest innovation/rip off of something else? Well its a scaletrix racing set!

Coming to a Speedway near you!

Coming to a Speedway near you!

Yup now you can do what you’ve been dreaming for years race Sonic and Tails in the real world! (well only on a scaletrix like track). Now myself being a temporally financially flush Sonic fan felt it was my duty to buy this set to see if its worth you guys going out and buying.

Inferior build superior profits!

Inferior build superior profits!

Now where to start? Hows about build quality? I’ll put it this way its made in China which isn’t known for its quality products… or human rights… (and with that comment this site will be blocked from my Chinese audience), anyway the quality isn’t too bad, for a ten pounds its nothing special. The Sonic and Tails models could have been done slightly better.

Before I go anywhere I feel that I should mention something about the question thats on all your minds, does it work on scaletrix tracks? Well put simply, it is not a good idea to put the Sonic and Tails models on a real scaletrix set, as they at best they will stop working forever, and at worst explode in a massive fireball mutilating yourself and burning down your house, seriously don’t try it.

On your marks, get set, mind the gaps!

On your marks, get set, mind the gaps!

Right now onto the fun part, building the track, well this was annoying as it took a considerable amount of strength to put the track together and when your putting something like this together you do not want to use much force, for fear of exposing its inferior build quality, but after ten minutes of applying carefully calculated amounts of force the simple circuit track was complete.

Now comes testing, after spending so long putting the track together I was ready to do some racing and so I plugged in the controllers plus batteries (4 AA, not included of course) put Sonic on the track and pushed the inviting orange button at the top, and nothing happened… fifteen minutes and a lot of track adjustments later it was working well kind of in stops and starts, but eventually it got going and seemed to work fairly well. There however isn’t any speed control only move and stop and the figures regally fell of the track, in fact Sonic came off at every turn while Tails could go round and round all day without so much as a stutter, maybe his Tails made him more balanced or aerodynamic.

So after all this is it worth the £10 I forked out for it? Well not really unless your five and are pleased by Sonic crashing off the track every few seconds, except the box specifically says not for under 14s which seems strange since that surely would be there target audience… oh and 20+ year old Sonic fans who need there wallets lightening. It would have been nice if they had included some more characters, say Knuckles and Eggman or even Amy for the girl racers out there.

So there you have it the Super Sonic Racing System grab it now if you want to waste some time watching some blue and yellow peace’s of plastic whiz round a track at monstrously slow speeds. I would at this point link to the Impact Innovations website so you can have a look and see what other marvellous products they have except my anti-virus software told me this was a very bad idea, remember kids, Emerald Coast looks out for your computers, and you wallets.


Maxie B

December 30, 2010 at 1:12 pm

Thanks man saved me a tenner I’ll just buy him some plastic Sonic characters and super glue them to some scalectrix.


January 16, 2011 at 5:04 am

Yup now you can do what you

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