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I’ve been a busy little bee this evening, not only have I prepared tomorrows comic but I’ve also updated the Archie Sonic Universe archives to now include issues 31-36!



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With the recent reveal of Silver as a rival in Sonic Generations I thought now would be a good time to see who people are most looking forward to seeing. Your choices are:

Metal Sonic

A random Rival that no one cares about, or is he? You decide!

Pretty good selection so which one are you looking forward to seeing the most? (continue reading…)

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Well it seems my main staple update for a Monday has turned into official art pages, so well start with some Sonic Adventure 2 artwork, and then just for some spice shall we add some Knuckles the Echidna comics into the mix?

That should do it.

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It’s done! Issues 201 to 210 of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog have been added to the archive.

Two hundred and ten issues worth of synopsis archived to Emerald Coast… wow this took a longer than I thought. The question now is whatever should I do next?

Fortunately I already have something lined up, I’ve just got to put some spit an polish on it and it will be ready to go. For now you can take guesses at what it is in the comments section… I promise not to make notes.

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What I’m a day late? This will never do… OK who actually reads these little posts anyway? Issues 81 – 90 have been added to the Sonic Archie comic Archive, hmm not too much further to go before I start to run out of comics guess I really should start to look at other things to do for my Monday/Tuesday updates.

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Okay I think I’ve finally run out of new and interesting ways to introduce the fact that I have just put up another set of ten issues worth of information, oh well another nine to go and then I’ll have to find something else.

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It wouldn’t be Monday if I didn’t add a little more to the site, so have Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog 131-140, does anyone else detect a pattern emerging with these updates?

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Recently I’ve been squirreling away on a few side projects for the site, hence the rather spartan updates recently, one of these that I’m launching today is the Archie Sonic comic archive project.

Ariche Sonic Comic Archive Project (ASCAP for short)

Ariche Sonic Comic Archive Project (ASCAP for short)

Now before people get started at me, yes I know other sites have done similar things in the past, but most of these seem to have fallen into a state of disrepair or are lacking in the latest information, So I thought why not do my own? (continue reading…)

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It’s Wednesday, three more days till the weekend!… I miss being a student… anyway to cheer myself up I have gone and done a comic for you lot, like I do every Wednesday, you could set your watch by me! Comic can be viewed here, or hit the jump to see a preview and some notes. (continue reading…)

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Alright this one really took it out of me, it may not look it but that background took forever to do. This weeks isn’t the funniest comic in the world but I had to get the plot moving some how. anyway without further stalling for time, have a comic. (continue reading…)


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