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With the recent reveal of Silver as a rival in Sonic Generations I thought now would be a good time to see who people are most looking forward to seeing. Your choices are:

Metal Sonic

A random Rival that no one cares about, or is he? You decide!

Pretty good selection so which one are you looking forward to seeing the most? (continue reading…)

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I know I’m going to regret opening up this weeks poll, but I’m interested to see where you want me to take the Just in Time comic. Bare in mind you can only vote once for these options so think carefully about what you want.

Your choices are:
Longer comics
More frequent updates
Long running plots
Custom sprites/art
One shot comics

Vote as usual in the right hand nav bar. Oh and last weeks results after the jump. (continue reading…)

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I almost didn’t make it for today’s comic since I got a bit too relaxed over the bank holiday, hey even sprite comic artists are entitled to relax once in a while right? No? ****you!

Anyway, I managed to finish up the comic Tuesday night, despite barely even having started it before hand, so go have a look here… or hit the jump for a bit more of a rant. (continue reading…)

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Alright this one really took it out of me, it may not look it but that background took forever to do. This weeks isn’t the funniest comic in the world but I had to get the plot moving some how. anyway without further stalling for time, have a comic. (continue reading…)

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It’s been over four years but now its finally here, issue 250 of Just in Time!, I’d like to take a moment to thank all the people who have supported the comic over the years, and a special thanks to Urtheart for helping me out with ideas for this special occasion! (continue reading…)

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After annoying you for the last two weeks with filler comics Just in Time returns for the aftermath of last issues explosive events.

OK I think I’m overselling it a bit. (continue reading…)


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