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With all the hype of Sonic Boom launching this month it seems right that I pick up the tie in comic which came out in the UK this week and start to get my head around this new re-imagining of our favorite blue hedgehog and friends.


Read on for my thoughts although be warned potential spoilers ahead.
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Okay, I’m a little late… for reasons, blame lack of script, laziness, work etc, prefer idly all of them at the same time, but never the less I have the comic up on the right day… now next weeks is going to be a challenge…


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Hmm I seem to have come back to form with this plot line, I will admit it’s nice to have a path to follow or panic every week trying to come up with a script the question is will I stick to script?


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Well I managed to find the time to do this comic this week, lot’s of new sprites this week, and a new background as well. Knuckles May not be as big as he is in Boom, but to be honest he looks about ready to fall over under his own weight of muscle in Boom. For now enjoy comic!


Oh as a note… issue 99, have I been at it that long again already?

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Here’s two characters I’ve never really stuck together, Knuckles and Shadow… let’s see what happens, perhaps we will get a new and more interesting dynamic going over the Sonic and Tails thing I keep falling back on.


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Tried to get a mixture of old and new Sonic this week, managed to dig up a nice remix of Aquatic Mine, oh the image used for Green Hill Hooky Dubstep mix is interesting… anyway… hit the jump for more.

Today’s choices:
1. Chemical Plant Zone (Dance mix)
2. Aquatic Mine Remix
3. Green Hill (Hooky Dubstep mix)

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It’s a new year, so why don’t I begin it properly with a brand new Just in Time?

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It’s time to continue this plot I’ve started… yes I said the P word, you wanted it so you ave got it, hope
you like it!

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You know what Just in Time needs more of, Echidnas! It’s an underutilised demographic that I’m going to fix now… pity they are all insane!

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It’s been a while since we showcased an animation on here so i went and did a little digging today and managed to find a new Sonic Vs Knuckles animation, it looks pretty cool, check it out here. Or just click to watch below.

Sonic vs Knuckles Part 1 by *Aerobian-Angel on deviantART

A part 2 is also in the works, animation by Aerobian-Angel.


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