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I’m styarting to get worried, I seem to be writing an episode of the West Wing… and I’ve never watched that show! Anyway on with the comic!


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Another week on time.

See this makes perfect sense, no plot holes or stupid explanations here! *flees*

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It’s nice having a script sitting here waiting to go every Tuesday night so I don’t have to think so much about things so much, after a long day of work this is especially useful, anyway have the next part in the Severed Dreams story line (kudos points to anyone who has spotted the sci-fi reference yet).

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Okay you all know what I’m parodying here so let’s just role with it.

I seem to have managed to work in two running jokes into this one as well… I need to get more running jokes for this thing.

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I’ve been meaning to get into the video making business for a while now, and with Metal Sonic turning up on my door step today I thought now is as good a time as any, enjoy!

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Sonic and SEGA Allstars racing got it’s first DLC pack yesterday, featuring Metal Sonic in what I can only described as some sort of flying machine. Also included is the rather expansive track Death Egg Zone: Egg Hangar along with a selection of music tracks. All this for only 560 Microsoft points (be warned there was some initial confusion as Micro$oft set it at 800MSP so make sure to check the price before you download it).

I managed to have a quick go with it last night and it was good fun, Metal Sonic seems to drive the same as Tails in his biplane and Egg Hanger is a very open large track with some challenging track designs.

PS3 users will not be getting this DLC until April 22nd.

Original Story: Sonic City Blognik.


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