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It’s a dangerous thing when I get bored, I do silly things, case and point.

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I actually have a topic planned for this weeks show… how unusual of me… anyway this coming Wednesday I plan on talking about what makes Sonic cool and how this may have effected his current standing in the video games industry… yes its a thinky topic this week. So if you have any thoughts on the matter don’t hesitate to email me at vger.ec@googlemail.com and I’ll read out your comments on the show, or even tune in on the sonic stadium chatroom and discuss what you think makes Sonic cool!

Tune in 8pm (GMT) Wednesday only on SSR and make yourself heard in the sonic stadium chatroom.

Oh and don’t forget to tune into Urtheart’s boombox running right after EC Airwaves (around 9pm or whenever I feel like finishing).

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Recently I’ve been squirreling away on a few side projects for the site, hence the rather spartan updates recently, one of these that I’m launching today is the Archie Sonic comic archive project.

Ariche Sonic Comic Archive Project (ASCAP for short)

Ariche Sonic Comic Archive Project (ASCAP for short)

Now before people get started at me, yes I know other sites have done similar things in the past, but most of these seem to have fallen into a state of disrepair or are lacking in the latest information, So I thought why not do my own? (continue reading…)


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